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most educated state revealed in new report and its not new york

‘Most educated’ state revealed in new report — and it’s not New York

Massachusetts was crowned the “most educated” state in the nation – easily outpacing New York, which didn’t crack the top 10 in a new study. The New England state, which boasts elite college institutions like Harvard University and MIT, took the top spot in the ranking conducted by researchers at WalletHub. Following Massachusetts, the personal finance company determined Vermont, Maryland, Connecticut and Colorado rounded out the top five. New York had a more-than-respectable showing at 15, narrowing trailing Montana and Illinois, which were 14 and 13, respectively. Neighboring New Jersey clinched the 7th spot just falling behind Virginia. WalletHub zeroed in on two key factors – educational attainment and quality of education – that were examined through 18 related metrics. Analysts focused on what level of degree the number of adults 25 years and older in each state had from high school diplomas all the way up to graduated degrees to pinpoint education attainment. Montana had the highest percentage of high school diploma holders while Massachusetts boasted the highest percentage of bachelor degree and also graduate or professional degree holders. As for figuring out quality of education, the number of data points were more exhaustive, including quality of school systems and colleges, enrolled students at top universities, as well as graduation rates and test scores in each state. The presence of free community college and the achievement gap in each state were also considered. West Virginia had the unenvious title of “least educated” state, with Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma right behind the Mountain State. “Getting a good education doesn’t guarantee high future earnings and better opportunities, but there’s a definite correlation,” WalletHub analyst Cassandra Happe said in a statement. “It’s certainly worth living in one of the most educated states, which offer high-quality learning from childhood all the way through the university level. That’s especially true if you plan to raise children.” Speaking of children, WalletHub did a separate analysis last month and determined that Massachusetts was also the best state to raise a family. New York nabbed the 5th spot.

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