Monkey Enters Ayodhya Ram Mandir Garbha Griha, Video Goes Viral

webnexttech | Monkey Enters Ayodhya Ram Mandir Garbha Griha, Video Goes Viral
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The Ayodhya Ram Mandirs temple trust, using X (formerly Twitter), shared a captivating incident following the consecration ceremony held on January 22, 2024.According to the trust, on January 23, 2024, a day after the consecration, a monkey entered the Garba Griha of the Ram Mandir through the Southern gate.The trust recounted that the monkey approached the idol of the Ram Temple.
In a post that gained viral attention on X, it was mentioned that when the guard observed the monkey heading towards the idol of Lord Ram inside the temple, he rushed towards it, concerned about potential damage to the idol.Contrary to expectations, the trust revealed that upon noticing the approaching guard, the monkey calmly moved toward the Northern gate.
Finding it closed, the monkey then proceeded to the East gate and exited through the crowd without causing any disturbance.
Where Will Other Two Ram Lalla Idol Find Their Place In Ayodhya Ram Temple?The temple trust expressed their belief that this incident was a manifestation of Lord Hanuman himself coming to witness Ram Lalla in the newly inaugurated Ayodhya temple.
The consecration ceremony, held on Monday of that week, included the pran pratishtha of the temple conducted during a mahurat time on January 22, 2024.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi led the ceremony, which was attended by several prominent individuals.

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