Man guilty of murdering woman blasted with shotgun after she drove into wrong driveway

webnexttech | Man guilty of murdering woman blasted with shotgun after she drove into wrong driveway
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A homeowner has been found guilty of murdering a young woman who accidentally drove up his driveway.Kaylin Gillis, 20, was shot dead by Kevin Monahan in rural New York on April 15, 2023, after she and her friends mistook his address for the location of a party they were due to attend.
The group of friends were trying to find the party but had trouble due to poor mobile phone signal.
When they realised their mistake, they tried to leave before Monahan came out of his house and fired at them twice with his shotgun.
He claimed he felt threatened and that the second shot was accidental.
Sadly, the bullet hit Miss Gillis in the neck.
The 66 year old man was found guilty of second-degree murder, reckless endangerment and tampering with evidence.
The jury took just two hours to reach a verdict in Washington County, New York.
Monahan could face life in prison when he is sentenced on March 1.
READ MORE: Kaylin Gillis’ best friend watched her die as ‘sick man with gun’ shot car driving away After the friends realised their mistake, he fired twice from his gun, killing the woman.
His lawyers had argued the fatal shot was fired accidentally after he tripped on a nail on his porch and dropped the defective shotgun.
The man had “not shown any remorse”, following his arrest, police told the court.
The victim had been looking forward to starting college in Florida and wanted a career as a marine biologist.
Assistant District Attorney Christian Morris told jurors that Monahan had “acted out of anger”.
He said: “He grabbed his shotgun and intended to make them leave as fast as possible and he didn’t care if they were hurt or killed.” Monahan told the court that he saw a motorcycle come up the driveway and felt threatened by the presence of the two other vehicles.
He told jurors that thought he was being blocked in.
“I’m nervous.
Real nervous.
Because cars have our driveway blocked and he’s waving them up into our intimate area,” Monahan said.
The man said he fired a warning shot but the second fatal bullet hit by accident, after he tripped over nails.
“I just feel like my soul is dead.
There’s just a hole in me.
I took someone else’s life.
It’s just horrible,” he testified in court.
“I didn’t mean to shoot the second shot.
The gun went off.” Speaking about the situation, Washington County District Attorney J.
Anthony Jordan shared: “This is a case where the facts really spoke for themselves.
Today is certainly a difficult day.
There’s relief that the system works, that there’s justice for Kaylin,” he continued.
“So that’s a good part of the day for them.
The bad part of the day for them is they’re going to walk out the door and they’re still not going to have Kaylin.” * An AI tool was used to add an extra layer to the editing process for this story.
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