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late queens favourite pancake recipe revealed by her chef with unconventional extra ingredient

Late Queen’s favourite pancake recipe revealed by her chef – with unconventional extra ingredient

Why not treat yourself to a pancake fit for a Queen this Shrove Tuesday. The late Queen Elizabeth was known to be a dedicated Christian and took her role as Supreme Governor of the Church of England incredibly seriously, so there’s no doubt that Lent was an important part of the year for her. However, she was also known to really enjoy a sweet treat, so Pancake Day was an opportunity for her to indulge before the more sombre weeks of lent. A few years back, the Royal Family’s chefs revealed exactly how they whipped them up for the late Queen, and some of the ingredients she opted for might surprise you. The late Queen enjoyed both sweet and savoury pancakes, and as well as sharing the best way to serve your lemon and sugar classic ( a dusting of caster sugar with fresh lemon wedges) they also revealed her more unconventional choice of ingredients, and how to elevate your butter to create a delicious nutty flavour: a beurre noisette. Ingredients for 10 pancakes 1.5 egg yolks (or 30g) 250ml milk 40g butter 30g sugar Pinch of salt 2 medium eggs (around 100g) 125g Plain Flour How to make the perfect beurre noisette The royal chefs advise that you pop your butter in a pan and cook it gently to create the nutty butter, all the water present should cook off and then you will be left with the solid part of the butter, which will turn golden. Let it spit and once this noise has stopped, it will be a “nutty brown colour”. Leave it to cool down before using it in your pancakes. To create the batter, simply mix the flour, salt, and sugar and gradually mix in the eggs. Once the eggs are all mixed in, gradually add the milk, and finally your cooled nutty butter to get the perfect batter. A savoury royal special – Leek, ham and cheese If you want to try out Queen Elizabeth’s go-to savoury pancake filling, then the royal chefs recommend adding fresh herbs – they went for chives – to your batter before you cook it, and get your pancakes ready first. 125g grated Gruyere cheese 275ml full-fat milk 200g ham (diced and cooked) 150g leeks (cooked and sweated down) 40g butter 40g Plain Flour First up they recommend making the cheese sauce, and you will need two pans. In the first, heat the milk gently, and in the second melt your butter, and whisk in your flour. Then you want to add the heated milk into the butter and flour mix really gradually, constantly whisking it so it doesn’t get lumpy. Once it’s smooth and heated through for three minutes, set one-quarter of this mixture aside. Add most of your cheese to the bulk of the mixture, but keep a bit back for toppings, as well as your cooked ham and leeks. At this stage, you should season well with salt and pepper – and the royal chefs advise you can “add cayenne for a kick if preferred”. Then “divide the mix into the pancakes and then roll into cigars” before putting them in a greased oven-proof dish, pouring over the remainder of the sauce, and your leftover grated cheese and bake for 15-20 mins at 180 degrees celsius, or until they are golden brown and bubbling. A sweet treat fit for a queen – jam and cream pancakes If savoury pancakes aren’t your bag, then you will likely love this sweet filling that the royal chefs have explained how to make, which they call “a nice light alternative for pancake day”. Double cream (to whip) Your favourite jam Fresh berries to serve For this one you need to get some double cream and whip it until it becomes a “spreadable consistency”. Let your pancakes cool down and add your preferred jam of choice, and then a layer of your fresh whipped cream. The royal chefs recommend then “folding into quarters” and serving with fresh berries on top. Do you have a story to tell? Email: emma.mackenzie@reachplc.com

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