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kate ferdinand has a kitchen nightmare while cooking a roast dinner as she shares a sweet glimpse into her family life in chaotic video

Kate Ferdinand has a kitchen nightmare while cooking a roast dinner as she shares a sweet glimpse into her family life in ‘chaotic’ video

Kate Ferdinand shared a glimpse into her ‘chaotic’ family life as she cooked a Sunday roast in a sweet Instagram video. The former TOWIE star, 32, was joined by husband Rio, 45, after her oven suffered an ‘electrical fault’ and they were forced to improvise to cook the food. The couple were seen in their lavish kitchen removing two large trays of roast potatoes, a leg of lamb and a chicken from the oven and filling up their air fryer. She said: ‘The whole electric has gone off and the oven isn’t working. I have a whole leg of lamb, chicken and loads of roast potato. The quantities are just not normal.’ Former England footballer Rio replied: ‘I’m just here to help and support you. This is where the air fryer comes in. I just come in last minute and save the day.’ As they got the cooking under control, their children came running in to play together and help out. Kate explained: ‘Tate’s now here, Lorenz, Tia, and Flo, who is Tate’s “lover lover” is here.’ The couple are parents to three-year-old son Cree and daughter Shae, who was born in July 2023, and Kate is stepmother to Rio’s children Lorenz, 17, Tate, 15, and Tia, 12. Rio’s late wife Rebecca Ellison tragically passed away from breast cancer in 2015. The older children were seen playing with Cree before he went running into the kitchen to tell Kate ‘he hit me’, in which Tate replied, ‘No I swear I didn’t’. Rio later carved the meat and told the former reality star to ‘relax’ as she admitted, ‘I feel like I’ve forgotten something’. Kate, who looked stylish in a black crop top and matching trousers, proudly said: ‘I’ve managed to pull this out the bag’. ‘You helped me at the end but I feel like. In a minute their will be a queue of people because I don’t plate up for everyone,’ she replied. The family all seemed in high spirits as they sat down to eat together before the children cleaned up. Tia said: ‘We are forced to clean up because they did all the cooking’. The camera then showed Tate wearing a pair of yellow marigold gloves as he washed up and loaded the dishwasher while Kate and Rio watched on. The ‘chaotic’ video came to an end with Kate and the children chatting away while dipping left over roast potatoes into a jug of gravy. She penned: ‘Spend a Sunday with us. Fully belly’s [sic], complete chaos and lots of love’. Lorenzo added: ‘Best day of the week’, while Kate agreed: ‘100 per cent’. It comes after Kate opened up about whether she and Rio want anymore children after welcoming daughter Shae last year. In a Q&A she was asked: ‘Do you want any more children?’ Kate replied: ‘The shop is shut. Five is more than enough for us.’ Kate also shared an insight into her post-partum exercise regime after undergoing a planned caesarean section for Shae’s birth. When one fan asked how long she waited in her recovery until she started doing Pilates, Kate said: ‘Six weeks until I done any exercise. I think this was actually eight weeks after the baby. ‘I started back on the mat and we took it back to basics and we are still now gradually building it back up. You loose all strength so it really is a process that takes time. Be easy on yourself.’ The reality star used to go to the gym five times a week, but is now exercising three times as her ‘priorities had to change’ when she became a step-mother. Kate has said she ‘isn’t feeling super confident’ but is going ‘easier on herself’ after the birth of her two children.

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