Jamie Dornan holds back tears on Late Late Show as he speaks about death of his parents and friends

webnexttech | Jamie Dornan holds back tears on Late Late Show as he speaks about death of his parents and friends
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Jamie Dornan opened up about the struggle of being trapped in quarantine at the time his father passed away.He was the first guest on tonight’s Late Late Show and he and host Patrick Kielty bonded over their shared native county.
However, things became emotional as Jamie opened up about losing his parents as well as four of his friends.
READ MORE: Jamie Dornan’s dad almost delivered his baby on way to 50 Shades filming READ MORE: Jamie Dornan thought he would die during ‘horrific’ mugging in Jamaica Jamie’s dad passed away in 2021, while his mum sadly died when he was only 16.
Just one year later, four of his friends tragically died in a car crash.
Speaking about getting the news of his dad’s death while in quarantine in Australia, Jamie said: “It was unimaginably difficult.
We were in hotel quarantine – I was in a hotel room with my wife, three kids and a nanny.
We still had like three and a half days of quarantine left so I wasn’t allowed to leave; there was no compassionate grounds.
“I told production, test me 100 times a day if I have coronavirus >Covid, but I need to get out of this room.
It was severe grief obviously, and shock.
It was an extremely difficult time in my life.” He went on to say that despite all of his successful work endeavours that year, it was “the worst year of my life”.
He kept his composure as he spoke about his father, but it was when Patrick brought up his mum and friends’ passing that he had to pause to hold back tears.
“I had just turned 16 [when my mum died],” said Jamie, becoming emotional.
“And my four mates were killed the next summer.” Viewers were deeply impressed with his honestly.
“Blown away by Jamie Dornan ’s interview with @PatricKielty.
Love every single thing he’s been in and had no idea of the personal tragedy he’s had to face from a young age right up to filming ‘The Tourist’ which I just finished, said one viewer.
“Jamie Doran is one really humble man,” praised another viewer.
“Jamie Dornan seems like the most beautiful kind caring down to earth bloke you could meet,” another gushed.
Another wrote: “Patrick, you’re pulling out all the stops tonight!
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