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itv emmerdale confirms hit and run horror as murderous character takes revenge

ITV Emmerdale confirms hit and run horror as ‘murderous’ character takes revenge

Emmerdale is lining up violent scenes of revenge next week, as one ‘murderous’ character deliberately runs over another villager. The mystery character takes aim at Ethan Anderson, striking him in a hit and run and leaving him for dead. It looks to be revenge for the recent crash that left Nicky Miligan fighting for his life. Nicky’s life remains on the line it seems with him still in hospital, after being injured and left for dead. His friend Ethan crashed the car after drinking, before pulling Nicky out of the vehicle and fleeing the scene. Nicky was found by his aunt Moira Dingle who called for help, and he was rushed to hospital where he currently remains in a coma. With his life on the line, his dad Caleb, mum Ruby and uncle Cain have sworn revenge, after Ethan’s arrest during Monday’s episode. But as Nicky remains in a bad way, with doctors unable to bring Nicky out of his coma yet, his family are distraught. With his son on life support, Caleb fumes as he sees Ethan walking around fine like nothing has happened. Soon Cain, Caleb and Ruby are murderous when they spot Ethan in the village, each of them keen to take revenge for his cowardly actions, and for what happened to Nicky. Soon, one of them, it seems, takes that revenge and injures Ethan in a hit and run. It seems he’s left for dead too, as he’s hit by the car and left lying in the road. His dad Charles worries about him when he’s a no-show to the village fete. Back at the hospital tensions are high as Ruby and Caleb await news on Nicky’s condition. Back at the fete, villagers are horrified as Ethan limps towards them bloodied and bruised. He soon collapses, leaving everyone worried. As his family gathers around him, Ethan wakes up and claims he didn’t see his attacker, but is he covering up for them knowing full well who did it? Cain, Caleb and Ruby are shown watching the spectacle from a distance – but who was it, and will they regret it? Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7:30pm on ITV1 and ITVX, with an hour-long episode on Thursdays.* Follow Mirror Celebs and TV on TikTok , Snapchat , Instagram , Twitter , Facebook , YouTube and Threads .

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