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itv coronation street killers return leaves residents reeling before shocking news

ITV Coronation Street killer’s return leaves residents reeling before ‘shocking’ news

Coronation Street airs a bombshell discovery next week, as well as shocking news about a former villain on the ITV soap. Killer Corey Brent makes a comeback of sorts next week, three years on from his violent hate crime assault on Nina Lucas and her partner Seb Franklin. The harrowing storyline hit viewers hard, as it led to the death of Seb in tragic scenes. Corey and his mates had targeted them because he took issue with Nina being a goth. The powerful storyline mirrored the real-life murder of Sophie Lancaster in 2007, with the ITV soap working closely with the foundation set up in her name. Next week, following a discovery that leaves Kevin Webster “rattled”, there’s horror for his wife, Seb’s mother, Abi Franklin. Abi turns on the TV to hear a presenter singing the praises of Corey and his football skills. Abi is left sickened as Kevin is forced to reveal that Corey is playing for his prison football team, and that it’s being filmed for a documentary. Corey is painted as a hero in the footage, leaving a distraught Abi incandescent. Abi and Nina rally together and call at the TV company responsible for the documentary, barging their way into the Producer’s office demanding answers about what had been filmed. They question how killer Corey is allowed to feature, and the positive representation of him. Soon it seems they speak to the Gazette website and soon they get some positive news. They take some comfort from the supportive comments from readers of the online article, and they’re pleased to see that a petition has been started demanding the documentary be scrapped. Whether it will be binned remains to be seen, while it’s not thought Corey will be returning to the show after this point. That’s not the only drama ahead for Abi though as pal Tyrone Dobbs opens an email at the garage where they work, and he is horrified by its contents. He tells Abi he has some shocking news – but what has he found out? Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1 and ITV X.* Follow Mirror Celebs and TV on TikTok , Snapchat , Instagram , Twitter , Facebook , YouTube and Threads .

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