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indians most optimistic about ai in the world google report

Indians most optimistic about AI in the world: Google report

More Indians expect positive impacts from artificial intelligence in both the near- and long-term, according to a survey conducted by IPSOS for Google. 82 per cent of 1,000 surveyed Indian residents over the age of 18 said they expected AI to benefit their lives in the next five years. 70 per cent believe they already sense a positive impact of AI, attributing it mainly to new ways to access information. Twice as many of the respondents who expected positive short-term impacts said that AI will address “the entire spectrum of development” over the next 25 years, with 77 per cent believing it will help reduce poverty and 86 per cent believing it will improve transportation. 20 per cent of Indians said building the economy by encouraging competition, innovation and growth is a top AI priority for the government. The respondents from the country were quite optimistic about AI’s impact on work. 80 per cent believed it would be beneficial individually. Interestingly, a similar proportion of respondents in Singapore, South Africa, and the United Arab Emirates matched their enthusiasm. Globally, about 65 per cent of the respondents have talked about AI in their workplace, while in India, that number is 95 per cent. India also had the highest number of people believing that the changes driven by AI will be “a good thing.” Meanwhile, that number was at 29 per cent for the United States and about 52 per cent globally. Nearly half of all the Indian respondents said a “safe” approach to AI is the highest imperative while around a third emphasised innovation as the key main priority. Indians also had a significant confidence in tech companies and the government to deliver that. 82 per cent suggested that government and tech companies should work together to see the development of AI. The survey was conducted between October 19 and November 6, 2023 by IPSOS for Google. They selected 17,000 adults from 17 countries including India and the respondents were interviewed online using Ipsos panels.

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