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in 4th such case fake cops cheat yemeni man of rs 48 lakh

In 4th such case, fake cops cheat Yemeni man of Rs 4.8 lakh

In The fourth such incident against Yemeni nationals, a 52-year-old man from Yemen putting up in Kondhwa was cheated by suspects posing as police personnel, who made away with Rs 4.8 lakh he was carrying with him. After the incident at Ashirwad Chowk in Kondhwa on February 8, an FIR was registered on Sunday by the Yemeni man. Around 4.30 pm on February 8, when he was passing Ashirwad Chowk, a car approached him from behind. A man got down from the car, identified himself as a cop and began talking to him in Arabic. On the pretext of checking his documents and belongings, the suspect took the victim’s ID card, documents and foreign and Indian currency he was carrying. The suspect started sniffing these objects saying he was checking them. All of a sudden, he fled to his car and sped away before the victim could react. The complainant lodged a case of cheating and impersonation against the suspect driving the car and his accomplices who were in the car. The suspect had decamped with Saudi Riyal, US Dollars and Indian rupees, the equivalent value of which was Rs 4.79 lakh. In September last year, in two incidents in Kondhwa Khurd and MG Road, two Yemeni nationals were cheated of USD 4,000 and USD 1,100 respectively, in an identical manner. In April last year, a Yemeni man was cheated of USD 4,000 by three suspects posing as police, who searched his bag on the suspicion of him possessing hashish.

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