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im a tattoo artist and some outdated designs make me cringe they age you

I’m a tattoo artist and some outdated designs make me cringe – they age you

From peace symbols on your back, to ‘live, love, laugh’ on your arm – there are countless classic tattoos you’ve probably seen hundreds of times before. And as the new year rolls on, one tattoo artist has unveiled which of these are ‘so 2023’ and what designs will be trending next. Alice Nicholls, owner of the Fine Art of Tattoo studio in Essex, claims she’s seen tonnes of trends come and go in her 10 years of experience as an artist. But this year, it’s bad news for some very recognisable symbols and old-school patterns which may seem meaningless on the face of it. She told The Mirror: “The top five tattoo trends becoming outdated will be tribal patterns, stars, infinity symbols, bottom of the back designs, and choosing something random from a studio wall. The popularity of these things are changing and styles are evolving into something different. “People are considering their designs more deeply before having them tattooed and, like any fashion, everything changes and is slightly rebranded into something new for the next generation.” Alice’s comments come amid a wave of TikTok videos that shine a light on the typical differences between classic Gen-Z tattoos and millennial designs. This has included a group of San Diego-based artists at Axiom Tattoo studio, with one recently sharing: “[A typical] millennial tattoo… I’m gonna go with dream catcher – maybe on the hip. And then Gen-Z, angel numbers.” In the same video posted to (@axiomtattoo), another shared: “Millennials get water-coloured tattoos and Gen-Z get Pinterest tattoos.” The tropes shared are certainly true for many in the public eye, with millennials like Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato often snapped flaunting their dream catcher designs. And what may appear to be water-coloured inks have also been spotted on the likes of Ed Sheeran and plus-size model Tess Holliday, alongside many others. Alice continued: “I think the coolest new trends are how cover-ups and blast over tattoos are evolving. The skills of artists to create something detailed and powerful over older tattoos is phenomenal. “Huge black out tattoos are gaining popularity too, which has seen the rise of some enormous magnum needles -amazing to see! Scrap book tattoos are becoming popular with the younger crowds which is quite a fun way to wear your personality literally on your sleeve. And fine line tattoos have become a huge trend, very beautiful, delicate and detailed.” However, the pro advises people to be careful when thinking about a fine line design, as their shape may not hold like a bold outline in the years to come. She added: “But I think all tattoo fashion trends have their positives and negatives. Each trend which comes around helps evolve what tattoo artists are capable of and pushes the limits of our equipment.” Do you have a story to tell? Reach out, at lauren.haughey@reachplc.com

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