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i thought it was wheel love but my car has been cheating on me

I thought it was wheel love. But my car has been cheating on me

Oh, to be in love. The fond daydreaming. The bursts of excitement. The presentation of various love tokens. And then – oh, bitter blow – the discovery that the beloved has been cheating on you. In my case, the love affair has been with my new ute. Its duco gleams in the sunlight. Its steering wheel is built from a plastic that seems, somehow, both soft and strong. The driver’s seat cradles me like a long-lost lover. My love has known no bounds. “Would you like a dash mat?” I purred as I pulled into Supercheap Auto. “How about I give you your own rechargeable torch, to be kept in your own glove box?” At the petrol station, it’s never the E10, always the Premium 98. Who cares about the expense? Not old lover boy me. Then the bad news. It came last week, courtesy of the consumer advocacy group Choice. Using the example of the Toyota Hilux ute – the very car I’d fallen in love with – Choice investigated what it called “the connected car”. It emerges that most new vehicles are now fitted with SIM cards which routinely send information back to head office, including information about where you’ve driven, your fuel consumption, and even your phone contacts.

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