Huge new record set at BGT auditions as three golden buzzers hit in one day in epic scenes

webnexttech | Huge new record set at BGT auditions as three golden buzzers hit in one day in epic scenes
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Britain’s Got Talent’s 2024 auditions got off to a blazing start on Wednesday as three golden buzzers were hit in one day, a new record.Judge Bruno Tonioli was the first to use his buzzer during just the second act of the day at the London Palladium and he was swiftly followed by Amanda Holden and Simon Cowell, as Amanda confirmed on her Heart Breakfast show on Thursday.
The 52-year-old raved to her co-host Jamie Theakston: “Three golden buzzers were pressed yesterday.” Surprised, Jamie, 53, replied: “You’ve only just started!” Amanda raved back: “We’ve only just started, it was the first session!” She continued: “You have to go with your gut.
I went with my gut and Bruno went with his gut.
And it doesn’t matter what show it is.” Simon, meanwhile, whacked his golden buzzer for a dance act called Cyberagent whilst the 64-year-old’s co-judge Amanda hit hers for a singer.
“I don’t think anyone’s going to beat the person I’ve pressed the buzzer for,” the mum-of-two said of her choice.
Elsewhere, Strictly star Bruno, 68, was so excited by one unnamed act that he hit his golden buzzer so hard it broke.
Gushing about the act he hit it for, Bruno said: “I almost cried because it reminded me of me at their age.
People don’t understand how hard it is to succeed as a dancer, you do it for nothing, you do it for love.
I felt the love.
It came from my heart.
I had to do it.” Alesha Dixon soon posted a photo of the smashed buzzer on her Instagram, but viewers will of course have to wait until later in the year to see who Bruno pushed the buzzer for as the show is not due to air for a few months, with auditions taking place over the next few weeks in London and Manchester.
Bruno caused a commotion last year with his confusion about how the golden buzzer worked.
During his debut episode, he was left floundering when Simon called out his error.
Host Ant McPartlin suggested Bruno had broken the rules with his error, as Simon explained the rules to him after his mistake.
The star was wowed by dance group Ghetto Kids and pressed the golden buzzer halfway through the performance.
What Bruno didn’t realise was that it was an error, as the buzzers are meant to be pressed after the performance is over.
Thankfully, the kids finished their performance before celebrating.
Realising what he had done, Bruno shouted: “Oh I’m sorry, I got it wrong,” looking very embarrassed as he faced the group.
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