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how to make the perfect egg sandwich recipe from birds of prey

How to make the ‘perfect egg sandwich’ recipe from ‘Birds of Prey’

Margot Robbie, arguably the world’s most present sweetheart, has stunned film fans across the globe since her major motion picture debut in the 2013 black comedy film “Wolf of Wall Street.” Most recently, she was a fan favorite in the fantasy comedy “Barbie” which sparked enduring propagandist opinions around the world. The film was largely challenged as “anti-male” by viewers. However, Robbie’s role as the lead Barbieland disrupter and the protagonist wife to Leonardo DiCaprio are only two of the versatile characters she has taken on. ‘BIRDS OF PREY’ STAR MARGOT ROBBIE ON WHAT MAKES HARLEY QUINN UNIQUE: ‘SHE DEFIES SOCIAL NORMS IN EVERY WAY’ Robbie’s first appearance as the troubled and violent Harley Quinn was in “Suicide Squad.” Quinn’s colorful character teeters on the line between sociopath and superhero. In 2020, she revived her villain role in “Birds of Prey.” The DC comic turned film is centered around action-packed killing scenes, and food as a feature is very limited. However, there is one drawn out scene in “Birds of Prey” that makes the mouths of audience members water. Robbie’s character is hungover and hungry as she sets out for “the perfect egg sandwich,” according to Quinn’s character. HOW TO MAKE ‘THE GODFATHER’ SUNDAY SAUCE RECIPE The above-named is made with few ingredients but certainly does appear tasty. While Quinn includes “stray Armenian arm hair” and “cheese that is six months out of date” in her ingredients stack, the following recipe excludes hair of any kind and is most ideal with fresh cheese. “The perfect egg sandwich” ingredients: Directions for “the perfect egg sandwich” recipe On the stovetop at medium to high heat, warm up a sauce pan for around one minute. Add a thin slice of butter to grease the pan. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR OUR LIFESTYLE NEWSLETTER Crack two large eggs, ensuring the yolk is still intact. As the eggs cook on one side, place two slices of American cheese on top. You will want to avoid flipping these eggs and only cooking from one side. Toast sliced Ciabatta bread and butter the insides. Add four slices of cooked bacon before finishing off the other slice of bread with the eggs and cheese and a dash of hot sauce — but not too much. While Quinn or Sal, the Gotham City line cook of the crispy breakfast sandwich, does not specify how long the eggs are cooked, it is clear two short minutes later that the eggs were cooked over easy. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP As Quinn flees from the NYPD and Mr. Sionis’s killer driver, the presumed hangover cure is launched from her hands and the warm yolk of the egg splatters onto the city concrete. Though Quinn never takes a bite of her $1.75 sandwich that she only paid “all the money” she’s got in the world for, which equates to $1, it does look rather appetizing and easy to make. For more Lifestyle articles, visit www.foxnews.com/lifestyle.

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