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guidelines introduced to prevent deaths from extreme summer weather the korea herald

Guidelines introduced to prevent deaths from extreme summer weather – The Korea Herald

The government will focus its efforts on preventing further loss of human lives during periods of heavy rain and heat waves for the upcoming summer season, the Ministry of Interior and Safety said Tuesday. The Interior Ministry convened a joint meeting on the same day with officials from the Ministry of Environment, the National Fire Agency, the National Police Agency and local governments to discuss strategies for preventing human casualties from natural disasters during the summer season and to assess the readiness of local governments and government agencies to implement these measures. During the meeting, the Interior Ministry instructed inspections on slopes, rivers and underground areas to prevent safety incidents from occurring due to heavy rain and typhoons in such areas. According to the Interior Ministry, out of the 170 deaths and disappearances caused by heavy rain and typhoons over the last 10 years, 75 percent or 128 of such cases were caused due to slope failure, river flooding and flooding of underground areas. After conducting the inspections, the ministry urged the agencies to eliminate any hazards found in advance and to better assist in evacuating those near hazardous areas when heavy rain or a typhoon is expected. To quickly respond to urgent situations, the Interior Ministry instructed local governments to designate those at the director level or above to manage emergency situation rooms and to operate a response system centered on deputy mayors to strengthen the management of emergencies. The Interior Ministry also asked relevant ministries and local governments to inspect the temporary facilities installed on rivers for construction to ensure that there are no flooding or overflowing risks. The ministry’s measures come after the fatal flooding of an underpass in Osong-eup, North Chungcheong Province, in July 2023 which had 14 casualties. The failure of the drainage pumps and the inability of quicker responses from authorities are said to have exacerbated the incident. For those vulnerable to heat waves, such as farmers, fishermen and field workers, the Interior Ministry also stated that it will provide cooling equipment and cooling shelters to stay out of the heat when heat waves occur. When the highest “serious” heat alert is issued, construction workers will be advised to stop construction activities immediately. Meanwhile, the Korea Meteorological Administration also announced Tuesday that typhoons that have caused serious harm in recent years will be renamed, as a “reflection of international desire to prevent a recurrence of similar severe typhoon damages.” Unlike other natural phenomena, typhoons are named to avoid confusion between different typhoons as multiple typhoons can occur in a region at the same time. Typhoon names have normally been decided by 14 countries that are part of the Typhoon Committee since 2000. Each of the 14 member countries of the committee submits 10 typhoon names in their respective language, resulting in 140 typhoon names in total. The names are used in rotation, returning to the beginning of the list when all 140 are used. According to the KMA, nine typhoons were renamed during this year’s 56th plenary session of the Typhoon Committee, including Typhoon Megi and Typhoon Hinnamnor. Typhoon Megi, which heavily affected the Philippines, Taiwan and China in 2010 was renamed to Gosari. Typhoon Hinnamnor, which impacted South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines and Russia in 2022, was renamed Ong Mang, meaning “deer” in Lao. Typhoon Doksuri, which heavily affected China and the Philippines in July 2023 was also deleted from the list of typhoons and will be renamed during the 57th plenary session of the Typhoon Committee in February 2025.

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