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grief authors chilling texts with lover before and after husbands poisoning revealed

Grief author’s chilling texts with ‘lover’ before and after husband’s ‘poisoning’ revealed

A woman who wrote a book about coping with grief after her husband’s mysterious death before she was accused of poisoning him sent a series of chilling messages to her alleged lover, according to prosecutors. Before he died, the woman allegedly texted her lover expressing how she wished her husband would “just go away” so she and her lover could be together. Prosecutors in Utah meticulously detailed their belief that Kouri Darden Richins, a mum of three, might have killed her husband who was “poisoned” by a fentanyl-infused Moscow Mule at his Francis residence in March 2022. Just a month ahead of her arrest in 2023, Richins, then 34, posed as a grievous widow and author on the local telly, stating she was aiding the three sons she had with 39-year-old Eric Eugene Richins to grasp and deal with their father’s demise. Shortly after, Kouri Richins was accused of murder. Right from the beginning, Summit County prosecutors alleged that Richins “intentionally or knowingly cause[d] the death” of Eric “by means of the administration of a poison or of any lethal substance or of any substance administered in a lethal amount, dosage, or quantity,” particularly fentanyl. They believe that she even attempted to poison her husband on Valentine’s Day in 2022, weeks before making a second attempt and succeeding. READ MORE: Three boys orphaned after mum dies on Mother’s Day eight years after dad’s death READ MORE: Sade Robinson’s family remember ‘remarkable’ woman on day she would have turned 20 Prosecutors revealed that Richins had a second iPhone hidden in a dresser drawer by her bed, allegedly used for suspicious internet searches centred around money, FBI investigations, and lethal doses of fentanyl, according to court documents obtained by Law&Crime. The search history included: “luxury prisons for the rich in america”; “women utah prison”; “can cops force you to do a lie detector test”; “death certificate says pending, will life insurance still pay? “; “FBI analysis of electronics in an investigation”; “When does the FBI get involved in a case”; “how long does life insurance companies take to pay”; “how to permanently delete information from an iphone remotely”; “what is a lethal dose of fentanyl.” In a brief for Judge Richard Mrazik, prosecutors further illuminated their theory of the case. In essence, they argue that Kouri Richins was “in financial distress” at the time of the alleged murder and was planning a fresh start with her lover, reportedly telling him that she and Eric were on the brink of divorce. Prosecutors claim that Richins continued to pursue this romantic relationship even after the alleged failed Valentine’s Day poisoning attempt, even after Eric Richins suspected “my wife tried to poison me,” and even following her husband’s death. As early as October 2020, it was revealed that Richins and her best friend had exchanged texts about some $250,000 Kouri owed Eric after taking out a home equity line of credit on his “premarital home” in Utah, according to prosecutors. In alleged messages, Richins wrote, “Idk what to do.. if he thinks I owe him money then that’s fine, I’ll pay whatever he thinks and then I’m out! ! ! It’s getting a little out of hand!” To which her friend queried, “How much did you take out?” Richins is said to have responded with, “A lot! ” also adding, it “will take me a couple of months until my investments pay out” before she could return the $250,000. Moreover, she purportedly declared, “So I just gotta be top notch careful,” emphasising her goal was “making sure” child custody “is always going to be at least 50/50.” Yet, according to prosecutors, Kouri Richins merely continued accumulating debt, reaching a total of $3.1 million on the day her husband passed away. “She had recently defaulted on one loan and was struggling to avoid default on others,” court filings revealed. “Her bank accounts were exhausted, and she was spiraling toward total financial collapse.” For all the latest news, politics, sports, and showbiz from the USA, go to The Mirror US Despite this dire financial situation, it’s reported that the defendant was attempting to purchase another multi-million dollar property that she “did not have,” the means for. The state prosecution argues that the defendant most likely intended to profit from Eric’s estate, estimated worth approximately $5 million, but there was a significant complication. “However, the Defendant did not know that Eric Richins’ had placed his estate in trust with only the minimum elective share passing to the Defendant,” the court documents stated. The prosecution claimed that the defendant’s actions were driven by more than just financial gain. She was allegedly preparing to embark on a new romantic journey with a “paramour,” according to the state. In December 2021, several months before Eric Richins’ death, Kouri is said to have booked a “five-night, all inclusive, romantic accommodation at the SECRETS ST. MARTIN RESORT AND SPA” for herself and an unidentified man. This extravagant getaway, prosecutors highlighted, was “scheduled for April 2022, the months after Eric Richins’ death.” That same December, while supposedly “wrapping Christmas gifts” Kouri Richins is accused of confessing to “Witness 8” that she felt trapped in her marriage. Prosecutors claim she expressed that “in many ways it would be better if Eric Richins was dead.” The following day, the defendant is alleged to have texted her lover, saying “I’m in love with a man that’s not my husband.” “I want to but can’t break up my family. It’s having your cake and eating it too. I do just want to love you. I do love you,” she reportedly continued. Prosecutors stated that the man responded under the impression that Kouri was getting a divorce. “That’s what I’m saying.. what if that’s in a year? Your just supposed to sit around and wait for me? Uhh no. and I would never ask you lol,” the defendant is accused of replying. As 2022 began, Richins is alleged to have sent her lover a “[r]andom question” about drug use, indicating her interest in the opioid documentary “Dopesick.” “Yeah. Pretty random. We’ve already had this talk,” the lover responded, as per court documents. Despite her alleged failed attempt to poison Eric Richins on Valentine’s Day 2022, the accused showed no signs of ending the affair, prosecutors claimed. Instead, she reportedly expressed a desire to “Watch a murder documentary and snuggle!” with her lover. “On February 15, 2022, the Defendant asked her paramour, ‘… [i]f I was divorced right now and ask you to marry me tomorrow, you would ‘ and ‘I just want to lay on the couch and cuddle you! Watch a murder documentary and snuggle! ” the documents read. “On February 19, 2022, the Defendant told her paramour, ‘… I want you today, everyday. Not just sexually, but physically, mentally, everyday when I wake up I do want a future together. I do want you. Figure life out together. If he could just go away and you could just be here! Life would be so perfect! ! ! I love you….” Eric Richins passed away on March 4, 2022, two days after Kouri Richins allegedly assured her lover that “Life is going to be different I promise.” Indeed, life has taken a drastic turn for the defendant. Further texts revealed that after Eric’s death, Kouri had questioned her lover about whether he had “killed anyone while serving in Iraq,” according to prosecutors.

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