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greg gutfeld carl heastie is holding us captive to progressive delusions about crime and no punishment

GREG GUTFELD: Carl Heastie is holding us ‘captive’ to progressive delusions about crime and no punishment

Here in New York, police arrested eight illegal aliens on charges of attempted murder, drugs, theft, trespassing and child endangerment, and while that sounds like the usual big city mayhem or a typical flight on Spirit Air, what happened after shows you why you get a whole lot of crime when you take away the punishment. Cops on a gun run in the Bronx saw a man standing in a driveway pointing a pistol at another man. They chased the perp into the home’s basement, where a subsequent search warrant netted cocaine, ketamine and four more guns. There was also a 7-year-old child living there. I doubt those guns and drugs were the kid’s, but if they were, he is so grounded. As it turns out, the occupants were illegals from Venezuela, squatters who the landlord had been in court trying to evict. The cops arrested all of them, including the original perp who had an open attempted murder case. Another was out on bail on a loaded gun charge. Suffice to say, this was not a meeting of Oprah’s Book Club. But before you could shout “defund the cops” three times in a mirror, the judge cut loose six of the thugs, including the man who was out on the previous gun charge. SUSPECTED MIGRANT SQUATTERS FOUND IN NYC APARTMENT WITH CHILD FACE GUN, DRUG CHARGES As of now, at least six of the squatters are back in the basement. Fortunately, students at Vanderbilt are already delivering them tampons. So it’s the same question I ask when I wake up in a Port Authority restroom: How did we get here? When the hell are Democrats going to finally admit that they got a problem and it’s them? Look no further than Carl Heastie, the head of the New York State Assembly. Heastie was one of the so-called brains behind New York’s bail reforms, which have been emulated across the nation and have been universally successful… if your metric is body count. This guy has more blood on his hands than Doogie Howser after an 18-hour shift. Heastie recently shot down a proposal for a law strengthening penalties against those who attack retail workers: “I just don’t believe raising penalties is ever a deterrent on crime.” Heastie said that with a straight and chinless face. So if there really is a Mount Olympus of stupid, I think we found our Zeus. This guy believes punishing wrongdoers doesn’t work. Where does he get his research? It’s human nature. Denying the reality of consequences because you don’t believe in deterrence is like denying intelligence because you’re ******* stupid. Was he ever a kid? If his parents never slapped him then can we ask them to slap him now? Does he not realize that even animals train their young away from bad behavior through punishment? Hell, even single-celled blobs recoil from discomforts. NYC MIGRANT SQUATTERS FOUND WITH DRUGS AND GUNS WERE PREVIOUSLY CAUGHT AT SOUTHERN BORDER AND RELEASED: ICE The phrase eff around and find out is not just an expression, it’s life. If someone continues to do bad things, they eventually face the consequences. Even the craziest of street crazies know this. That’s why they never try to push someone the size of Tyrus in front of the subway. They’re not that crazy. Heastie continued: “If you just keep dealing with the penalties, what happens after people get arrested? You’re still only worrying about what happens after something has already happened.” Yeah, what happens is easy to see for anyone who doesn’t sleep with their head inside a dry cleaning bag. The dirtbag’s in jail where he can’t commit more crimes, and aspiring dirtbags see that and think, “You know, I don’t want to be in jail either. I heard they have substandard wi-fi.” But in this jacka**’ mind, why should victims get upset when their attackers are freed? The crime already happened. Look, we all know there are people out there just incapable of rational thought, but the fact that this guy is one of the most powerful people in New York state has me contemplating migrating myself to Venezuela or even Chicago. In the mainstream media, of course, the story received about as much coverage as that thong I wore at Liberace’s funeral. But if there’s no disincentive for this behavior, it will only go further. DHS ARRESTS 3 AT SUSPECTED NYC MIGRANT SQUATTER HOUSE LIVE ON CAMERA No penalties for invading the border, no penalties for gun possession, for robbery, assault or slinging dope. Who do these guys have to misgender to face jail time? So while the rest of us are held captive to progressive delusions about crime and no punishment, rest assured there are many who see no problem here. And applying the same logic now to kids. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP In Boston, legislation is being proposed by racial justice advocates to stop suspending misbehaving students. Sam Adams must be turning over in his keg. So let’s translate that, let’s teach kids as early as possible that bad behavior has no consequences. It sounds bad, but I guess in today’s world, they’re just getting prepared for life under Democrats.

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