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gege river save us from strange untimely deaths ibadan residents cry to gov makinde

Gege River: Save Us From Strange, Untimely Deaths, Ibadan Residents Cry To Gov Makinde

IBADAN – As we are entering into the rainy season, the residents of Gege Area of Ibadan South West Local Govern-ment Area of Oyo State are living with their hearts in their mouths and they have therefore sent a Save Our Souls message to the state governor, Engineer Seyi Makinde, over mysterious killings by Gege River. Gege River which passes through the main centre of Ibadan locality has a deep ditch behind the popular Gege meat market. The top of this deep hole is covered with refuse and all manners of wastes making unsus-pecting passers-by to think it is a dry spot but immediate-ly they step on it they would fall into the deep hole. Findings reveal that dead body of the victim would come back to the surface three or four days later. This was the experience of the people of this area as they enthused with sympa-thy that more than nine peo-ple mostly youths have fallen into the ditch and are calling on Governor Makinde to visit the area and do some-thing urgently to avert more deaths. The residents said the former House of Represen-tatives member, Hon. Folake Olunloyo, did some work on the river but couldn’t finish before the end of her tenure at the National Assembly while her successors, Hon. Saheed Fijabi and Hon. Stan-ley Adedeji (Odidiomo) did not continue with the project. It was gathered that the Chairman of Ibadan West Local Council Development Area (LCDA), Hon. Tajudeen Adigun (Attuu), visited the area and promised to call the attention of the state authori-ty to the problem but nothing has been done since his visit. It was learnt that the day the chairman visited coin-cided with the day the river returned the dead body of a young girl that was trapped inside the river three days earlier to the surprise of the chairman and his team. When our reporter vis-ited the spot, a temporary barricade has been done by the community with the use of Red and White Caution Tapes around the spot to call the attention of passers-by to the danger zone of the river. It was gathered that about nine people had fall-en victim, five of which were buried by the river side and their burial grounds are there for all to see. The residents of the area are appealing to the Oyo State Government to come and help clear the river and remove a dilapidated drain-age erected in the middle of the river by a former mem-ber of the House of Repre-sentatives. The residents and traders at the Gege market did not rule out the spiritual aspect of this unexpected occur-rence. Therefore, they have been making contributions to offer sacrifice through Iya Osun several times to appease Gege River. Speaking with our report-er, Miss Akinade Kehinde, said she was born in Gege Area and has been living there since. She said the problem started some years ago, when it was discovered that there was a deep hole inside the river that is as deep as a Storey building. “As young as I am I have wit-nessed the burial of some victims by the river side. “Our appeal goes to His Excellency, Governor Seyi Makinde, to please help us remove the dilapidated con-crete in the middle of the river, close up the ditch and ensure free flow of water as a first step. Then he should help do proper channelisa-tion like it has been done for Ogunpa River,” she said. Another resident, Alhaja Mujidatu who is in her 60s, pleaded with the Governor to assist the people. “Our governor should come to our aid. As a mother it is very sad to be witness-ing death of young and agile men in this River. “We voted for Governor Makinde and now that we have a problem, he should reciprocate by helping us out. Let him visit us, we will tell him, what is happening. God bless our Governor” she said. Also speaking, Mr Omoto-sho Saheed said the problem started when drainage was constructed in the middle of the river in 2012. “Before then, there was no problem. The drainage didn’t cover the width and length of the river hence whenever there was heavy rainfall water dug the front of the drainage and created a deep gully like hole. This deep hole has be-come a danger point over the years, claiming so many lives. So we the residents have demarcated the dan-ger zone but most passers by may not understand the rea-son behind the demarcation especially late in the evening or early in the morning be-cause it was done with cel-lophane tape. “Our appeal is to the gov-ernment to come to our aid. The government should help us do proper channel-ization,” he pleaded.

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