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faisal vawda is not in the peoples party cm sindh

Faisal Vawda is not in the People’s Party, CM Sindh

Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah has said that it was the decision of the People’s Party to retire Sarfraz Rajar, Faisal Vawda is not in the People’s Party. Talking to the media in the Sindh Assembly, Murad Ali Shah said that those who came to the contest boycotted, 12 seats will be won. Sindh Chief Minister said that he had met the Governor four days ago, the law and order situation is not satisfactory. Murad Ali Shah says that the situation has worsened in 6 months, the law and order situation was not good before, crime has increased in January and February, measures are being taken, God willing, it will be controlled. It should be noted that the People’s Party has withdrawn its candidate Sarfraz Rajar for the general seat of the Senate, MQM has already announced to vote for the independent candidate Faisal Vawda. This decision of PPP has brightened the chances of Faisal Vawda’s success, MQM can easily get one seat while the party has announced to give additional votes to Faisal Vawda. Independent candidates of PTI did not submit their retirement application, thus the number of People’s Party candidates on the general seat is reduced to 5, while the number of independent candidates of MQM is 3, in total 12 Senate seats from Sindh. There are 19 candidates in the fray.

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