Expert warns why you should never travel with this kind of suitcase

webnexttech | Expert warns why you should never travel with this kind of suitcase
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It’s a big no no (Picture: Getty Images) We’ve all experienced the anxiety that comes with waiting for a suitcase to come round the conveyor belt at baggage reclaim.But while some areas of travel are out of your control, there are other things you can do to ensure your personal items remain safe.
While we normally keep our valuables close or even in hidden pockets, an expert has shared another thing that could make you a target for thieves.
It seems the colour of your suitcase can even play a role.
Having a colourful or designer-branded suitcase may look the part for your holiday, but it could draw unwanted attention to yourself, explains Shahzad Ali, security expert and CEO of Get Licensed.
‘Although a new and colourful suitcase may look more fashionable, it won’t only be attractive to you,’ he says.
‘It’s best to choose a more common-looking suitcase, and if possible, a worn-out one – as to not stand out from the crowd – and with it, a high-quality padlock.
‘This can make a big difference in keeping your items safe.
You can add an identifier, such as a ribbon or sticker, to avoid getting your luggage mistaken for someone else’s whilst still remaining subtle.’ Sure, it may be a little bland, but it’s what’s inside that really counts.
Bear in mind when buying one (Picture: Getty) For another travel safety tip, Shahzad suggests splitting up your items in order of value.
‘When packing, organise your items in three categories: extremely valuable (such as documents, credit cards, mobile phones and larger sums of cash), valuable (such as jewellery and other expensive items) and less valuable (such as clothes and self-care products),’ he explains.
Your extremely valuable items should be kept near you at all times, like in a money belt, and the ones you need at the airport can be placed in a small handbag or bum bag for easy access.
Whereas larger valuables, such as laptops or tablets, can be placed in your carry-on luggage.
Shahzad also adds: ‘Valuables such as jewellery should be strategically hidden among less valuable items, such as clothes, in your checked luggage.’ Expert tips for solo female travellers: Top tips to help solo travellers feel peace of mind while abroad: Do your pre-trip research Keep valuables locked up Let loved ones know your plans Give yourself a backup Buy a local SIM Let your bank know Choose your destination with intent Do you have a story to share?
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