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eteringbang crowned the regatta football champion

Eteringbang crowned the Regatta Football Champion

Eteringbang won the Regatta Football Championship, blanking Rivers View 3-0 on Saturday evening at the Bartica Community Centre ground. The Eteringbang outfit secured a 1-0 advantage as Alex Bolivar found the back of the net in the 12th minute. It was only a conversion of the first half of the contest. Upon the resumption, the result was sealed following two conversions from Luis Masquera in the space of 18 minutes. Masquera doubled his side’s advantage as he opened his account in the 59th minute. He then made his presence felt once more as he completed his brace in the 77th minute. With the win, Eteringbang walked away with the championship trophy and $400,000.

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