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emmerdale star amy nuttalls seven strict rules to save marriage to cheating husband buchan

Emmerdale star Amy Nuttall’s seven strict rules to save marriage to ‘cheating’ husband Buchan

Actress Amy Nuttall has reportedly implemented some strict ground rules for her ‘cheating’ husband after giving him a third chance. The former Emmerdale and Downton Abbey star, 41, was left heartbroken when partner Andrew Buchan, 44, allegedly walked out on her for actress Leila Farzad, 42 – his Better co-star. But the couple, parents to two children, got back together before splitting months later, and now it appears they have reconciled once again. Appearing to confirm her marriage was intact, Amy addressed their reunion during an interview about her finances. She told The Sunday Times: “I’m married so it all goes into one pot. So it’s not as scary because I can lean on that.” She added: “I’m the joint owner of our comfortable family home in Buckinghamshire. We owned a smaller house before.” The couple, who tied the knot in 2012, were said to have split at Christmas 2022 amid reports that the Broadchurch actor cheated on his wife with his Better co-star Leila Farzad. Nuttall took him back last summer. At the time sources claimed she had implemented seven strict rules in a bid to save their marriage. However, it seems it initially didn’t go to plan, as she had reportedly pulled the plug on their relationship, leaving her ‘gutted’ – before now giving it another go. The first rule, a source told The Sun, was that Buchan was banned from contacting Farzad. The second was that he must check in via FaceTime when working away from home. Thirdly, the couple would reassess their careers to ensure equality – Buchan has been in Bafta award-winning shows including The Crown and Broadchurch while Nuttall has taken on fewer roles and focused on motherhood. The fourth rule was for both to have access to the other’s phone at all times, and the final three clauses involved the ‘777 approach’ whereby couples have a date every seven days, a night away every seven weeks and an adults-only holiday every seven months. “She doesn’t want to throw away over a decade together but at the same time she is far from a pushover,” the insider said. Amy and Andrew started dating back in 2007 and have two children together – a daughter who was born in April 2015, and a younger son. However, their marriage was rocked when Amy allegedly discovered lingerie that wasn’t her size in the run-up to Christmas 2022. A source said previously: “The penny started to drop over a period of time. He was away a lot, which wasn’t unusual because of the nature of his work. But at one point Amy realised he had been staying in hotels near to home — and wondered why… the final straw was the lingerie. Amy just knew instinctively that it wasn’t meant for her.” Nuttall is thought to have asked Buchan for a divorce in March last year following this revelation. However, the actor reportedly begged for forgiveness after his relationship with Farzad collapsed. The spouses reconciled, but it was said to have ‘taken a lot’ for Nuttall to give him a second chance. Following reports of their split for the second time, a source told The Sun: “It took a lot for Amy to give the marriage another chance but she thought it was worth one final roll of the dice. There is no suggestion he has cheated again, but as far as she is concerned this is it. She is obviously gutted but also accepts that their time together has come to an end.” A version of this article was published on August 24, 2023. * Follow Mirror Celebs on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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