E4 Hollyoaks viewers ‘work out’ Ste Hay death twist as character turns killer

webnexttech | E4 Hollyoaks viewers 'work out' Ste Hay death twist as character turns killer
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Hollyoaks fans are fearing Ste Hay may end up leaving the soap after a major twist.On Tuesday night’s E4 episode, which first aired on Monday on Channel 4’s streaming service, we saw Ste make a killer discovery with it teased he had accidentally killed someone.
A deadly car crash left lives on the line as two speeding vehicles collided, resulting in quite the pile-up.
Ste was one of the drivers who unintentionally put lives in danger, as he was speeding to the hospital to save his teen daughter Leah Barnes’ life.
After drinking too much alcohol she collapsed and she began to choke, as Ste raced her to the hospital.
But as he took his eye off the road he was shown hitting something or someone, before swerving to miss Felix Westwood who was also speeding.
It was later revealed in the episode that Ella Richardson had been killed in the crash, presumedly run over.
The biggest twist came when after Ella’s body was shown on screen, covered by a blanket, viewers noticed one of her red boots were missing.
The very same boot was then pulled out of the front wheel of Ste’s car by himself, leaving him reeling.
Viewers were equally as stunned as it dawned on them that Ste had likely run over and killed Ella.
With Ella’s dad Warren Fox set to be out for revenge in the aftermath, viewers believe it’s only a matter of time before Ste’s guilt is exposed.
Warren believes Felix caused the crash and the death of his teenage daughter, and things will escalate as he plots to take his revenge against his former pal.
Viewers are guessing as a result that when Warren finds out what really happened and who really killed Ella, Ste could be killed off.
Taking to X, one viewer posted: “God help Ste if he finds out,” as another said: “Warren is gonna get you.” A third viewer commented: “RIP Ste,” while a fourth comment read: “Ste is gonna GET it!” Hollyoaks is available to stream on Channel 4’s streaming service now, while it also airs Mondays to Fridays on E4 at 7PM.* Follow Mirror Celebs and TV on Snapchat , Instagram , Twitter , Facebook , YouTube and Threads .

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