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dwp state pensioners on pension credit warned payments not enough

DWP state pensioners on Pension Credit warned payments ‘not enough

State Pension claimants have been issued a warning from an OAP – who claims the uplift is “not enough”. The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) will uprate State Pension payments in April as part of the triple lock promise for millions of claimants. But a state pensioner on £156 plus Pension Credit says she is still struggling to get by. She uses a small heater rather than turn on her radiators to save on her energy bills, she has revealed in a new interview on Thursday (April 4) amid the Cost of Living crisis. Sheila Cornell, from Lincolnshire, lives on the full basic state pension of £156.20 a week plus Pension Credit and said she has cut back on all her costs but is still struggling to pay the bills. She told inews: “Everything is half the size and costs twice as much. “Older people should not need to live like this.” A second said the pension increase was “not a great lot” and would “maybe pay one bill like the TV licence”. She explained: “I was speaking to a neighbour and I said: ‘Oh, I can’t wait till my next birthday. I’ll be retiring.’ “And she said: ‘Why, how old are you?’ And I said: ‘I’ll be 60’.” Another said: “I’m just not paying some bills like gas and electric. I came to some reason with them where they both agreed to lower it. But I still can’t afford the £70 a month sometimes, so I might pay them £20 manually but the direct debit just bounces.” A fourth said: “I remember being at work when I was in my 50s, working for the council as a carer. Most of the women at work were either my age or older. We were all counting down the weeks and years till we retired at 60. Nobody had a clue. Nobody told us at work.” On this year’s state pension rise, she said: “It’s not going to help because the cost of living and everything else has gone up. And not only that – because I got a private pension, now I’ll be paying more tax.” Prime Minister Rishi Sunak recently re-committed to keeping the triple lock should the Conservatives win the General Election. Asked in Parliament if he believes the policy is affordable, he said: “I do, because the track record of the Government is that we make priorities, and making sure that if you have worked hard all your life you have the dignity that you deserve in retirement is important to me, it’s important to the Government, and the triple lock is an expression of that.”

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