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drivers can cut number of trips to petrol station with item on the backseat

Drivers can cut number of trips to petrol station with item on the backseat

Drivers can reduce fuel consumption with an “unusual” hypermiling hack if they drive with an item in the back seat. Money expert Anna, who runs the platform Money for Millennials, has shared an ‘unusual’ driving hack that could help reduce fuel consumption as prices continue to rise. In a warning to Asda, Morrisons, Tesco and Sainsbury’s motorists, Anna, who has over 108.6k followers on TikTok, said: “Have you heard about this unusual hack to help you reduce your fuel consumption?” She added: “It’s definitely not fun watching the price of fuel go up at the moment.” She suggests pretending there’s a bowl of water on your passenger seat to encourage smoother driving and less harsh braking and acceleration. It comes amid the ongoing Cost of Living crisis which is affecting UK drivers nationwide. She continued: “I’m sure – like me – you’re thinking, ‘how am I going to factor this into my expenses?'” She concluded: “This won’t solve the problem of price increase but was an interesting idea…” She then asked: what do you think?” Hypermiling refers to utilising driving techniques with the aim of maximising MPG and exceeding manufacturer fuel economy claims. You can practice hypermiling whilst driving your car, regardless of its make or model. However, some cars are better optimised for hypermilers than others. The term ‘hypermiling’ was coined in 2004 by Wayne Gerdes, founder of CleanMPG – an online community for drivers looking to maximise their fuel economy whilst lowering emissions. Techniques include coasting, like gear coasting, and other more straightforward advice like only travelling when necessary. Other techniques are cruise control, planning every journey and parking smart as well as shopping around for fuel, optimising MPG with fuel additives, using the right engine oil, carpooling and concentrating on the road, too, according to motoring experts.

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