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drakes toronto mansion becomes scene of third trespassing incident

Drake’s Toronto mansion becomes scene of third trespassing incident

Drake’s Toronto mansion has become the scene of a third trespassing incident in a matter of days, after a suspect returned to the property to collect his bike. Officials responded to the sprawling home on Park Lane Circle at 3.30pm ET on Saturday when the man who had tried to trespass onto the rapper’s property on Thursday came back, a spokesperson for the Toronto Police Service said. Footage, obtained by TMZ, shows a security guard tackling the man to the ground outside the home. The man, who police have not identified, was escorted off the property and charged under the Provincial Services Act for trespassing. The first time the man tried to break into Drake’s house, he got into a scuffle with a security guard outside and suffered an injury. Saturday’s incident marks the third time, involving two separate suspects, that someone has tried to break into the rapper’s home, ever since Kendrick Lamar used a photo of the mansion for a diss track hitting out at the rival music icon. The break-ins came in the days after a security guard was injured in a drive-by shooting at the property. Police were first called to the home on 7 May, when the guard was struck by gunfire as he stood outside of the gates to the home. The suspect fled the scene. When officers arrived on the scene, they found the security guard unconscious and suffering a gunshot wound to the chest. He was transported to hospital with serious injuries. It is not clear what his current condition is. Officials could not confirm whether Drake was home at the time of the shooting but said his team was cooperating with the investigation. Hours later, a man then tried to break into Drake’s home. He was apprehended under Canada’s Mental Health Act to be assessed. A representative for Drake’s team did not comment on the matter. Over the weekend, Drake issued a plea to Canadian news organisation CP24 to change its helicopter flight times, saying it is keeping him awake. “Can we discuss the chopper flight times over the house cause I won’t lie, I’m trying to sleep. Anytime after 3pm works great for me,” the rapper posted on Instagram. The shooting followed an ongoing rap battle between Drake and Lamar. The Los Angeles native created three “diss” tracks about Drake in 36 hours, one of which doxxed Drake’s mansion. It is not clear if any of the incidents have anything to do with the rap battle.

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