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dad rebuilds the crooked house out of lego and it even has the clock

Dad rebuilds The Crooked House out of LEGO – and it even has the clock

A dad, heartbroken by the fire at The Crooked House, has rebuilt Britain’s wonkiest pub using 8,000 Lego bricks. Chris Weaver, a 39-year-old teacher from Dudley, spent £800 and 80 hours creating a miniature model of the iconic pub to mark six months since its destruction. The detailed replica, measuring 20ins x 20ins, features both the interior and exterior of the Crooked House, complete with slanted walls, a grandfather clock and Bank’s Ales signs. It even includes a tiny Lego man protester holding a sign that reads: “Was bostin’ now hosted”. READ MORE: I tried to find out if I was one of 40% of car finance drivers owed money and it took five minutes Get breaking news on BirminghamLive WhatsApp Chris, who lives near the historic 18th-century pub in Himley, said he was devastated when it burnt down and was demolished. He added: “I went in there when I was younger and I’ve been a fan of Lego since I was a child so I thought I’d show my support for the cause in the best way I knew how.” During lockdown, Chris also built a 10,000-piece replica of Molineux, as he is a season ticket holder at Wolves. “I vowed after that never to do it again because it cost so much and took such a long time, but when the Crooked House burnt down I decided the time was right.” “It was a real challenge to capture the slanted look because Lego is obviously all flat surfaces.” “I had to sort of build a swimming pool on the base for it to sit inside and make one side higher than the other.” “I would usually work from about 9-10pm onwards once the kids were asleep and sometimes I’d still be working at 3am. It became a labour of love.” “I started it soon after the pub burnt down but I wanted it finished for the six-month anniversary to get the message about and hopefully help towards getting it rebuilt for real.” “It’s been stop-start because I’ve had to order pieces from across the country and even Germany and then had to wait to them for arrive.” “I don’t draw up any plans, I just build away and see what happens. I just used photos people had posted on social media and on websites.” “It is a 95 per cent likeness of the real thing. I just had to move a couple of things about like the grandfather clock so you can see it.” Over 35,000 people have shown their support for a campaign to rebuild the pub. Chris’ models will be showcased at the Black Country Brick Show in West Bromwich this April. Staffordshire Police are still treating the blaze, which happened on August 5 last year, as arson. Five men and one woman were arrested in connection with the fire and remain on bail.

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