‘CUET final answer key will be uploaded before result is declared’: NTA assures Delhi High Court

webnexttech | ‘CUET final answer key will be uploaded before result is declared’: NTA assures Delhi High Court
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The National Testing Agency (NTA) has assured the Delhi High Court that the final answer key of the Central University Entrance Test (CUET) would be uploaded on its website at least a day prior to the declaration of the result.The submission was recorded in an order passed by the High Court pertaining to two pleas filed by a candidate who appeared in the CUET (UG) 2022 examination seeking directions to the NTA to publish the final answer key of the 2022 CUET, reconsider his objections regarding two questions and publish a corrected score card.
A single judge bench of Justice C Hari Shankar in its January 19 order observed, “The learned ASG (appearing for the NTA) has pointed out that the exercise of re-examination of the answer keys after the final results were declared may have been avoidable but was undertaken bona fide, especially as a large number of objections were received even after the final result was declared.
It is submitted that, in the interest of the students, a decision was taken to reconsider the objections.
The fact that the CUET was being conducted for the first time, and the magnitude of the exercise, had persuaded the NTA to adopt this approach.” “However, the Court has been assured that in future, this would not happen and that any exercise of consideration of objections to the provisional answer key would be undertaken only prior to the final result of the examination of the CUET.
The Court has also been assured that the final answer key would be uploaded on the website of the NTA at least a day prior to the final declaration of result, though it would be accessible only through the individual login ID and password of the candidate concerned,” the High Court noted.
Justice Shankar said that the court is satisfied with NTA’s explanation and further directed the NTA to ensure that the assurances given are “scrupulously adhered to, in future”.
Meanwhile, the counsel appearing for the candidate did not press the prayer for fresh consideration of the remaining objections to the provisional answer key in one of the petitions.
In another petition, the candidate filed an application seeking to amend the writ petition for a thorough investigation into the manner in which there was a re-examination of the answer keys and for summoning the records pertaining to normalisation of the scores of the CUET, etc.
“I am not inclined at this point of time to direct any such investigation as it would lead to needless controversy and it does not appear that the NTA has, in acting as it did, not been bona fide.
The substantive prayer…which was for making known the final answer key, stands satisfied,” the High Court said disposing of both the pleas.
The petitioner applied for and had appeared for the CUET (UG) 2022 examination on August 18 and 30, 2022.
The provisional answer keys for the 2022 CUET were released by the NTA on September 8, 2022.
On the same day, i.e.
September 8, 2022, the NTA issued a Public Notice, allowing candidates who had appeared in the CUET to challenge the provisional answer key by paying a nominal fee.
The Public Notice said if the challenge raised by any candidate was found to be correct, the provisional answer key would be corrected and the final answer key would be issued accordingly.
The final result of the CUET would be based on the final answer key.
The Public Notice also clarified that no individual candidate would be informed about the outcome of her/his challenge and that the final answer key would not be open to question.
The petitioner submitted objections against the answer proposed in the provisional answer key in respect of 11 questions on September 10, 2022, within the time stipulated in that regard.
On September 15, 2022, a second Public Notice was issued by the NTA, stating that the challenges to the provisional answer key had been placed before the subject experts and that the answer keys had been finalised.
The Public Notice also stated that the final answer key would be available by 10 pm on September 15, 2022.
On September 16, 2022, the final result of the 2022 CUET, along with the final scores of the individual candidates, was released by the NTA.
Aggrieved by the fact that the NTA shared the final results without making the final answer key known to the candidates, the petitioner filed the first writ.
Subsequently the final answer key was uploaded.
A perusal of the final answer key disclosed that prior to the publication of the final result on September 16, 2022, the challenge by the petitioner to two other answers in the proposed answer key had been accepted.
The position that emerged was that of the 11 answers in the provisional answer key, which were challenged by the petitioner, the challenge was accepted in respect of four answers, of which two were accepted prior to the release of the final result and two were accepted after the petitioner had filed one of the petitions.
The candidate thereafter filed a second petition seeking that his objections in respect of the remaining questions, and not accepted by the NTA, be also considered/re-considered and his corrected result/score card be published.

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