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coronation street favourite reveals return to itv soap after abrupt exit with disaster ahead

Coronation Street favourite reveals return to ITV soap after abrupt exit – with ‘disaster’ ahead

One Coronation Street star has revealed they are returning to the ITV soap, and their comeback is just weeks away. The actor in question is already back filming for the show, and he’s teased plenty of twists ahead following drama before his exit. Ryan Connor actor Ryan Prescott has revealed his return will air very soon, months on from him appearing to leave the Cobbles for good. Ryan left for Glasgow for a new life with love interest Crystal, after his fling with Daisy Midgeley was exposed resulting in a showdown with her partner Daniel Osbourne. Daisy and Daniel have since split, with him reuniting with his ex, and Ryan’s ex, Bethany Platt. Now, actor Ryan has spoken exclusively to The Mirror at the TV Choice Awards 2024 about his big return, and what’s ahead for the character. He teased twists ahead too for Ryan and Daisy, as he confirmed he should be back on screen within weeks. Ryan told us: “Is he still not back? He should be back. He’s in Glasgow, a resident DJ with Crystal who’s managing the PR for him. But he should be back, I thought he was back this week. “Filming is six to eight weeks ahead of transmission so I’ve been back a month, and so it’s soon, yeah. But sometimes they stretch it out a little bit.” On whether there could be a reunion for Ryan and Daisy, he spilled: “It’s like a love square now. There is room for disaster that’s for sure, I think he’s always going to have a bond with Daisy, there’s always possibilities in the future. “I think when you have been through something to the degree of trauma that they have together, there’s an invisible, everlasting bond. It’s a basis for the foundations of a relationship, whatever relationship flourishes from it. He left right in the middle of it all, so lots of room for something to happen there.” On what’s ahead, he teased: “I’d love to see Ryan come through what happened last year and the denial of the acid attack. That’s what I liked about last year, the writers gave Ryan so many left turns. I’d really like to see Ryan be a little bit more grounded, and have a real relationship for once, something a bit more traditional.” Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1 and ITV X.* Follow Mirror Celebs and TV on TikTok , Snapchat , Instagram , Twitter , Facebook , YouTube and Threads .

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