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chambar is celebrating its 20th anniversary with 2004 prices

Chambar is celebrating its 20th anniversary with 2004 prices

In a city that—pun intended—loves to chew up and spit out its restaurants, lasting 20 years is no small feat. Beloved Belgian restaurant Chambar is officially hitting that milestone in September, but it’s celebrating with a series of programming leading up to the main event. To kick things off? A special anniversary menu this month—at 2004 prices. Until April 17, diners can enjoy a three-course menu for just $45. And we’re not talking tiny bites here—we’re talking a proper appetizer, a proper main dish, and a proper dessert. Drink pairings can be added for an additional cost. Over a small group dinner at the restaurant, co-owner Karri Green-Schuermans says it is a way for them to give back to their devoted supporters. “Everyone is hurting right now,” she says simply. Green-Schuermans and her partner, chef Nico Schuermans, opened Chambar with little more than a building lease and a $5,000 credit limit; she ran the business side while he took care of the food. The fact that they’ve managed to survive recessions, ridiculous costs for rent and ingredients, and, oh yeah, a pandemic, speaks volumes. “We almost didn’t make it through Covid,” Green-Schuermans admits. “There were at least three times when I thought, ‘This is it.’” What endures about Chambar is its understated elegance. The food here is excellent, but it’s not pretentious; flavours and ingredients are inventive but still approachable, exciting but still downright delicious. Take, for example, the grilled ahi tuna starter that’s part of the anniversary menu. Beautifully charred and peppered, it’s laid on top of a fresh, herbaceous tabouli (hello, mint) and topped with a creamy, smoky eggplant sauce. Magnifique. “Chambar” is the French word for that moment when the adults leave the room and the kids hoot and holler in freedom. It’s the playful, rambunctious ethos of a restaurant that has seen this city through a lot—and hopefully has no plans to go anywhere. Chambar’s 20th anniversary menu When: Until April 17 Where: Chambar (568 Beatty Street, Vancouver) Reservations: Here; $45 per person (plus tax and gratuity) Menu: COURSE 1 Salade Folle: Belgian endive, watercress, pear, shaved blue cheese, pecan dressing, toasted fig bread OR Thon Grillé Libanais: grilled Ahi tuna, parsley and mint tabbouleh, cumin, smoked aubergine COURSE 2 Waterzooi Tunisien Aux Fruits de Mer: bouillabaisse of prawns, mussels, lingcod, and calamari with tomato, saffron, charred orange, black rice OR Côte de Porc à La Kriek: chargrilled pork chop, stoemp potatoes, cherry compote COURSE 3 Parfait au Chocolat Blanc: chocolate mousse, raspberry and white chocolate ice cream, sugar tuile OR Gaufre Dame Blanche: Liège waffle, vanilla ice cream, warm chocolate sauce

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