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caught on camera watch moment tornado hits homes in davie

Caught on camera: WATCH moment tornado hits homes in Davie

Surveillance video shows the moment a branch in front of a home inside a Davie residential community breaks off and smashes down into the front yard. The National Weather Service confirmed that EF0 tornados caused the severe storm damage in Broward County over the weekend. The NWS in Miami reported two EF0 tornados in Broward County on Sunday. An EF0 tornado has winds of 65 to 85 mph, according to the Enhanced Fujita Scale or EF Scale. An EF0 tornado touched down in Davie at 3:33 p.m. on Sunday and went on a non-continuous path for 3.4 miles before it dissipated eight minutes later. It had estimated peak winds of 80 mph and damaged mostly vegetation, including hardwood trees. In the video, you can see how the brief, yet strong, gust of wind creates enough force to break a rather large branch from a tree and crashes down on the front yard of a home. NWS spokesperson Donal Harrigan said that crews began to assess the damage from I-75 in Miramar all the way to Pembroke Pines, Cooper City and Davie and found significant damage consistent with an EF0 tornado. “Some of the strongest damage was in the Nova Village and it was mainly contained to tree damage,” Harrigan said. “These types of storms, these low-top supercells are a bit difficult to assess,” Harrigan said. “There’s not a lot of lightning with them, they’re not really deep, so it is kind of hard to assess their behavior. But we were watching closely and alerting our media and our public partners with the messaging.” There were no warnings issued at the time of the storms.

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