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carol vorderman fans say we cant deal after she issues i tried statement

Carol Vorderman fans say ‘we can’t deal’ after she issues ‘I tried’ statement

Carol Vorderman has been supported after admitting she “tried” as she debuted her new look on Instagram. The 62-year-old Channel 4 Countdown legend posed in the mirror on Instagram on her Grid as she tried to replicate Miley Cyrus’ Grammy’s look. “Tried to go all @mileycyrus Grammys paying homage to her godmother @dollyparton..for filming,” the mum-of-two said. ITV I’m A Celebrity star Carol went on and typed: “Not sure it worked…BUT I TRIED.” Come on 89 replied: “Looking hot gorgeous.” Taximan said: “Absolutely beautiful.” Charlie Craggs said: “I CANNOT DEAL.” Lucy said: “You look amazing .. I’m wearing a very similar pair of jeans today too. … online meetings so definitely not a chunky belt though!” Professor said: “Carol, for the love of God, say something about Rafa. You cannot shy away from this because it might ruin your career. Children are butchered right now; please lend them your voice.” Pam said: “Looking great again, Carol!” “So Beautifully Stunning,” Anders said. Kirsty typed: “Still a stunning powerful intelligent hot lady!!! With integrity and bravery we absolutely love you (Alan Hawkshaws Daughter) xxx Dad says hello in spirit.” Carol has been busy sharing clips from her new role on LBC radio, where she fields calls from callers each day. “NEWS! I’m genuinely delighted to be joining the @lbc family from today,” Carol announced last month. “Sundays 4pm-7pm every week.” Carol went on: “I’ve been dying to tell you for ages. Live radio is an incredibly important platform, never more so than in this election year. YOUR stories. YOUR views. Join me.” It came after she quit her BBC Radio Wales gig. The TV star walked away from the role in a row over impartiality, and has since popped up on LBC, where she stars alongside the likes of fellow radio hosts like James O’Brien.

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