Calls made for Renfrewshire Council to ban ‘inconsiderate’ pavement parking

webnexttech | Calls made for Renfrewshire Council to ban 'inconsiderate' pavement parking
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An MSP has called on Renfrewshire Council to use new powers to introduce a full ban on pavement parking “as soon as possible”.Scottish Green MSP Ross Greer is calling on the local authority to crack down on pavement parking with only limited exemptions such as for emergency service vehicles.
The Transport (Scotland) Act 2019, which was passed in late 2021, bans pavement parking, double parking and parking at dropped kerbs, and gives local authorities the relevant powers to enforce these new provisions.
Earlier this month, Edinburgh City Council confirmed it will begin enforcing a ban on pavement parking from January 29.
It had committed to be the first city in Scotland to implement the ban.
Exemptions are in place for emergency services’ access and for areas with wide enough roads for pedestrians to be able to pass safely.
Those found in breach of the guidelines will be issued with £100 fines, reduced to £50 if paid within the first fortnight.
Powers to take action under the legislation came into effect last month, meaning all councils are now free to enforce the ban.
Mr Greer (below) claims that Renfrewshire Council has indicated that it plans on beginning enforcement of the ban in November.
He told the Paisley Daily Express : “Pavements must be safe for everyone to use, they’re not just extra parking spaces for cars.
“Yet, all over Renfrewshire we see some inconsiderate drivers parking wherever they want, forcing those with buggies, in wheelchairs and other more vulnerable pedestrians onto the road just to get past them.
“Nobody should have to put themselves in a dangerous position because a car is parked where it shouldn’t be.
Enforcing this ban is an important step in ensuring that our streets and communities are safer for everyone.
“That’s why I’m encouraging Renfrewshire Council to use these new powers to introduce a full ban with only very limited exemptions as soon as possible.” The move has been widely praised by road safety campaigners and charities, with the aim of improving access for those with disabilities, parents with children and people with limited mobility who can often face challenges when presented with vehicles parked on kerbs.
One of the road safety charities involved in supporting the legislation has urged councils to enforce the new ban properly over concerns about levels of enforcement.
The director of Living Streets Scotland, David Hay, believes such exemptions would contradict Scottish Government guidance and fail to protect vulnerable people.
Mr Hay said: “Mass exemptions seriously undermine the ban and will put people at risk if they aren’t introduced following rigorous assessments and consultation.
“Ongoing promotion of the ban and engagement with communities is also vital to ensure the implementation is effective.
“Without sufficient enforcement capacity many groups including disabled people will feel badly let down.” A Renfrewshire Council spokesperson said: “Road users should always park considerately.
As required by Transport Scotland, we are carrying out a full assessment of our road network to consider where potential exemptions may be required.
“Once this is complete, we will carry out the formal traffic order process enabling the pavement parking legislation to be enforced in Renfrewshire and expect this to operational from November 2024.” Don’t miss the latest Renfrewshire headlines –sign up to our free daily newsletter here

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