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calif firefighters save dog stuck inside of a wall for hours she was pretty happy to see us

Calif. Firefighters Save Dog Stuck Inside of a Wall for Hours: She 'Was Pretty Happy to See' Us

A group of California firefighters spent Mother’s Day rescuing a dog from the walls of the pet’s home. The dog’s family launched the professional rescue after the canine — named Faye — got stuck inside a wall of her Garden Grove, California, home for over two hours. Faye ended up in a tight spot after crawling into the wall through a plumbing access door. A video shared by the Orange County Fire Authority on Facebook captured the joyful moment firefighters freed Faye from the wall. In the clip, rescuers carefully break open a hole in the wall with a sledgehammer. After the hole becomes large enough for a pup, Faye sticks her head out of the newly made hole, and firefighters start trying to coax the 2-year-old dog out of the wall. During the rescue, a firefighter asks the dog, “You okay?” Faye appears reluctant to exit the wall at first, but after receiving some encouragement and space, Faye crawls out of the wall. “Faye is having a better day today thanks to the firefighters who rescued her yesterday. After crawling into the wall through a small plumbing access door in her Garden Grove home, getting stuck under the bathtub for two hours, and not giving in to her family coaxing her out, this pup was pretty happy to see the firefighters’ friendly faces and reunite with loved ones,” the fire department’s Facebook post shared about the rescue. The post also provided an update on how Faye is doing. “And, according to the family, Faye is probably already planning her next bit of mischief. Who knows…maybe we’ll see her again soon!” the Orange County Fire Authority added. The dog’s rescuers and Faye’s family appeared on KCAL-TV on May 14 to speak about the incident. One of Faye’s owners, Julian Nguyen, recalled trying to coax the dog out of the walls before calling the fire department. “I was getting my hand, kneeling down, and trying to reach my arm all the way through to pull her back. But she was way too far inside already,” the pet parent said. Never miss a story — sign up for PEOPLE’s free daily newsletter to stay up-to-date on the best of what PEOPLE has to offer, from juicy celebrity news to compelling human-interest stories. Firefighter Hector Jimenez revealed that they used a thermal imaging camera to help locate the dog. Faye’s other owner, Dat Nguyen, praised the fire department and said the agency went “beyond [their] duties.”

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