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best april fools pranks you can do over text whatsapp or facebook

Best April Fool’s pranks you can do over text, Whatsapp or Facebook

Elevate your pranking game this April Fools with these genius jokes guaranteed to trick your friends and family. It’s that day of the year again – when Brits are suddenly suspicious of everything they read on Facebook and fake proposals circulate on family group chats. But, most of these pranks are easy to spot and don’t really fool anyone (except your internet-obsessed aunt who has already sent a congratulatory bouquet of flowers). So, we’ve compiled some next-level jokes you can post on Facebook and WhatsApp that will fool the most doubtful amongst us. PS. None of these pranks deal with fake pregnancies, mental health, or terminal illnesses. Bon voyage! If you’re the jet setter type, posting a photo of you in a foreign country could be an easy win. The key with this joke is to not go too far (literally) – as nobody is going to believe you’ve randomly moved to a remote island in the Indian ocean. But, had a promotion and relocated from London to Belfast – now that’s believable. If you have a few friends that are in on this joke, you can make it more realistic by making them comment in support. Things like ‘Knew you’d get it! Can’t wait to visit’ kinda thing. Starstruck Put your Photoshop skills to the test and mock up an image of you and a celeb to share with your friends and family. Again, the key with this is to be realistic – you’re probably not going to stumble across Brad Pitt while queuing up for a Greggs sausage roll, but the manager of your local football club, or a one-hit wonder from the 80s? That’s way more believable. Just post the edited photo up with a simple caption like ‘he’s actually so nice and didn’t mind us taking pictures’ and you’re bound to fool at least your starstruck parents… Happy birthday! Now this one requires a little bit of skill, as you’ll have to access a family member’s Facebook – which is easy if your gran leaves her account logged in while she nips to the kitchen to make a brew. Simply change the personal settings so Facebook thinks today is her birthday, and watch in amusement as she gets flooded with celebratory messages. Want to avoid the doom and gloom? Get the latest positive news sent straight to your inbox with our Bright Stuff newsletter Adopt a… kangaroo? OK, this may sound a little farfetched at first – but if you’re known for a being an animal lover, why not announce you’ve adopted an unusual pet? Perhaps you’ve rescued a pigeon and decided to name him birdy, or decided to adopt a bunch of chickens so you can make scrambled eggs each morning. If you’ve got good Photoshop skills, you can always craft an image of you and your new furry friend to really convince your pals… ‘Sorry, wrong person’ We’ve all experienced that moment of dread after realising we sent a message to the wrong person – but this blunder can make for the perfect April Fool’s prank. For example, text your parents saying you’ve not told them you’ve been fired from work or have spent £3,000 on a new handbag – quickly followed by ‘ignore that, wrong person’. Then, just wait for the incessant calls to roll in… What’s the best April Fool’s prank you’ve ever pulled off? Let us know in the comments section below

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