Belarus’ new doctrine describes response to aggression against CSTO, Union State

webnexttech | Belarus' new doctrine describes response to aggression against CSTO, Union State
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MINSK, January 19./TASS/.
Belarus’ updated military doctrine defines a response to armed aggression against its allies in the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) and the Union State, Defense Minister Viktor Khrenin told a news briefing in Minsk.
“We have put together and spelled out all our views on the fulfillment of allied obligations.
This has been lying on the surface for a long time and required action.
There is a whole separate chapter, which forms the legal basis for our actions in case of armed aggression against our allies in the CSTO and the Union State,” he said.
The updated doctrine also mentions the possibility of Belarus’ participation in peacekeeping activities under the auspices of international security organizations.
Khrenin recalled that the updated doctrine envisaged the possibility of interstate and coalition wars instead of local and regional wars.
“After all, for the Republic of Belarus, any war – local or regional – will affect its entire territory and will require extreme war effort,” Khrenin explained.
“At the same time, alongside employing the term ‘interstate war,’ we make an important political statement to the effect that the Republic of Belarus is ready to independently defend its vital national interests.
Our understanding of the term ‘coalition war’ is the achievement of victory in it will require the use of Belarusian troops together with the forces of the allies.” In its resolution of March 6, 2023, Belarus’ Security Council instructed the Defense Ministry to start developing a new military doctrine “in connection with changes in the military-strategic situation.” The resolution also says that “in the conditions of escalating global geopolitical tensions” the efforts of government agencies should be focused on the implementation of strategic deterrence measures aimed at protecting independence, territorial integrity, sovereignty and constitutional order from external and internal threats.
The draft military doctrine will be submitted for approval to the People’s Assembly, when it meets in session at the end of April.
Belarus’ current military doctrine was approved in July 2016.

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