BBC Strictly Come Dancing’s Oti Mabuse urged ‘don’t worry’ after she shares fresh baby update

webnexttech | BBC Strictly Come Dancing's Oti Mabuse urged 'don't worry' after she shares fresh baby update
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Oti Mabuse has been supported over a fresh newborn baby update – after giving birth at Christmas.The BBC Strictly Come Dancing star posed with her newborn baby, who she welcomed with husband Marius in December, as fans supported her.
The ITV Dancing on Ice star and judge wrote: “Every day is a gift and different but I genuinely look forward to this daily moment.” In reply, Linda said: “Enjoy every moment, but even when they are older they give the best hugs, xxx.” Lucy Webber told her: “Routines are great if they’re working for you, don’t worry if they don’t though.
It’s not that you’re doing anything wrong, babies often just take time x” Sam Davies said: “This is so important in the early years x what a great mummy you’re going to be xx love this post.” Karen said: “How special, enjoy every moment because they grow up soooooo fast” Buxom said: “I love the last feed.
Got 3 and we would lie in low light on the bed side lying feed, some peaceful music patting bum stroking hair and let them doze off feeding.
Then cuddle for way too long…but by 3-4 months mine started to self settle and I could put down drowsy and so I miss those lazy chilled feeds at bedtime.” “Can honestly say, both mine from babies even up to now aged 13 and 10 love a routine,they thrive on it,” Rach said.
Judith typed: “That is so wise.
A quiet bedtime routine is a brilliant start for you and baby.
Wonderful that you are breastfeeding too; that is such a special time for mum and baby.
“You are looking amazing too and so happy.
Motherhood obviously suits you x” NCG said: “Take all the time now!
Before you know it your beautiful baby will be all grown up and you’ll wonder where the time went.” Duo said: “Listen to your intuition and surround yourself with those that support your unique parenting choices.
Check out some of the great info @basis_babysleepinfosource @lyndsey_hookway @prof_amybrown x” “Hey Oti , if you haven’t already heard or read the poem “ All I want is you” by Jess Urlichs , please take a look.
It’s about what your baby would say to you if your baby could talk.
You will never be able to unread those words , they are simply magica,” another fan told her.
And another said: “We did daytime naps down stairs on a mat and night time ‘naps’ in our daughter’s bed upstairs.
She slept through the night at 3 months old.
The first few months are exhausting and there is absolutely no right or wrong way of doing anything!
Remember – your daughter won’t have read any of the advice written about babies and will just do her own thing.”

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