Home » latest » BBC EastEnders wedding explodes as love cheats Zack and Lauren finally exposed to Whitney
bbc eastenders wedding explodes as love cheats zack and lauren finally exposed to whitney

BBC EastEnders wedding explodes as love cheats Zack and Lauren finally exposed to Whitney

EastEnders airs drama next week as Whitney Dean and Zack Hudson’s wedding arrives, with a cheating scandal exposed. Lauren Branning’s fling with pal Whitney’s partner Zack finally comes to light in explosive fashion. As Whitney and Zack prepare to wed following the birth of their baby daughter, Britney ends up blurting out that Zack and Lauren slept together. The moment happened a few weeks back with them keen to keep it a secret, while Whitney’s stepmother Bianca Jackson knew the truth. Next week, it’s revealed their cancelled wedding day is back on as they decide to give it a go. Zack had failed to tell anyone about the cancelled wedding, and so Whitney decides to get married later that day as planned. She thinks it’s what Britney wants after noticing her acting strangely, so this encourages her to get wed. What she doesn’t know is that Britney has found out about Zack and Lauren and wants to spill the beans. As the day carries on, Whitney gets ready and she and Lauren share a heart-to-heart. Zack is overcome with guilt but he covers to Martin and Sharon about the reasons for this as he prepares to marry Whitney. Britney contemplates whether to keep Zack’s secret, but it all gets too much for the teen. Later that day, Whitney walks down the aisle with baby Dolly and makes her way towards Zack. Britney also joins them at the alter as the pair say their vows, but she is unable to contain herself and reveals that Zack and Lauren slept together. The moment will no doubt spark gasps from the crowd, but will Whitney believe Britney’s claims? We know that Whitney is leaving the BBC soap some point really soon, so could this be what leads to her exit? The rest of the week remains pretty secretive spoiler wise, with nothing else said. Viewers will have to tune into the episodes next week to find out if the wedding goes ahead, and if Whitney confronts the pair. EastEnders airs Mondays to Thursdays at 7:30pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.* Follow Mirror Celebs and TV on TikTok , Snapchat , Instagram , Twitter , Facebook , YouTube and Threads .

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