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amanu launches handbags while maintaining its focus on sustainability

AMANU Launches Handbags While Maintaining Its Focus On Sustainability

Share to Facebook Share to Twitter Share to Linkedin AMANU Bags AMANU When Anita Patrickson first started the accessories label AMANU, she sought a way to bring human connection back to the retail experience. In our modern world where automation has touched every part of the clothing manufacturing and purchasing process, it certainly feels like we have lost out on that personal touch along the way. Clothes aren’t as well made as they once were, in-person shopping feels awkward and has been replaced by online retail, and items are recommended by algorithms instead of people. Patrickson looked to remedy this impersonalized experience with AMANU, which launched with a Los Angeles boutique where shoppers could come in and get custom-fit sandals in about a half hour, all guided by skilled artisans. As the brand has expanded, they’ve sought to keep that bespoke feel even for customers who cannot visit the LA store. “We have created a program that connects each customer with our makers so that they can still have that contact, even if they are not in LA, and receive that bespoke experience and the ability to adjust their sandal to fit perfectly without leaving their homes,” Patrickson explained when I spoke to her about the brand’s growth over the years. AMANU Sandals AMANU In addition to online ordering via AMANU’s website, customers can also find the brand at select retailers like Net-A-Porter, Moda Operandi, and Saks. Now the company is launching into new categories, including handbags, belts, and jewelry, expanding into a full accessories brand designed to enhance anyone’s wardrobe. As has been the case since AMANU’s start, Patrickson shares that her biggest inspiration has been the brand’s Kenyan artisans. “Being able to utilize the skills of these talented makers,” she explained, “who create magic out of nothing will always be the forefront of who we are as a brand.” The new handbags in particular have also been inspired by sculptors like Brancusi, Henry Moore, and South African sculptor Abdus Salaam. Their clean geometric shapes and forms have inspired the architectural style of the new handbags. To go along with that expansion in offerings, AMANU is growing its locations. “We are growing our production facility in Cape Town as well as our artisan program in Kenya and moving into a new flagship space in Los Angeles,” shared Patrickson. MORE FOR YOU iOS 17 5 Apple Issues Update Now Warning To All iPhone Users Biden Vs Trump 2024 Election Polls Trump Leads Biden By 1 Point Latest Survey Shows iOS 17.5 iPhone Update Now Live With Important New Features Anita Patrickson with an artisan in Kenya AMANU Still, the core values and inspirations remain the same for the brand. Patrickson said that “there is so much greenwashing going on” that it can be hard to know what brands are truly committed to sustainable practices. Sustainable practices are expensive to implement, but Patrickson sees them as worth it to ensure her products are made ethically and sustainably. How does she recommend other brands do this? “As a brand, you need to ask suppliers hard questions, make them look at their own supply chain, their own waste management, and their labor practices.” She believes that demanding transparency will create a trickle-down effect and encourage other brands and suppliers to make their practices more ethical and sustainable. AMANU The Madagascar Bag AMANU Other tips Patrickson has for budding businesses? She believes that being nimble is essential to starting out, as well as not getting too fixated on a single idea and knowing when to pivot an idea. “You have to keep evolving something until it hits right,” she noted. She also shared that it’s important “to fall in love with your customers and not with your product,” because at the end of the day, your customers will make or break your brand’s successes. With AMANU’s flagship shoes and their expanding accessories offerings, they have found a way to expand while staying true to their core values and bring chic accessories to their customers. Take a look at the new purse styles below: The Kenya Bag AMANU The Kenya Bag | $750 AMANU I love the cool sculptural look of this purse, from the baguette shape to the elegant gold handle. The Madagascar Bag AMANU The Madagascar Bag | $975 AMANU Carry all your essentials for the day in this chic tote. The Zambia Bag AMANU The Zambia Bag | $550 AMANU This will look great for a night out on the town. Follow me on LinkedIn. Check out my website or some of my other work here. Sarah Boyd Following Editorial Standards Print Reprints & Permissions

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