webnexttech | 'Ally McBeal' Emmys Reunion Raises Questions
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It was a night of TV reunions at this year’s Emmy Awards, including the Ally McBeal cast dancing out of the show’s iconic unisex bathroom.Some of the cast members who came back together to present awards at the Emmys included those from The Sopranos, Cheers, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Saturday Night Live and Grey’s Anatomy.One of the big watercooler moments of the night in Los Angeles at the Peacock Theater came with the final reunion of some of the cast from Fox legal drama Ally McBeal.It began with the titular character played by Calista Flockhart giving one of her monologues in the bathroom mirror.“I knew I drank too much water.
Had to take my Spanx off, I had to put my dress back on… wow, whoa, girl, you look good,” she said to herself.Then, characters Peter MacNicol (John Cage), Greg Germann (Richard Fish) and Gil Bellows (Billy Allen Thomas) came out of a bathroom stalls and did a choreographed dance to Barry White’s hit “You’re the First, the Last, My Everything.”Then, offstage host Anthony Anderson was heard saying: “Calista, give out the damn award.”Flockhart started by saying, “Oh boy.
I loved working with Peter, Gil and Greg, and I still do.
The entire Ally McBeal cast was so talented.” She added that the show was “groundbreaking, revolutionary, introducing us to a dancing baby and unisex bathrooms.”They then handed out the award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series to Kieran Culkin for his role as Roman Roy in Succession.However, some people watching at home noticed a number of the key Ally McBeal cast were not there with Flockhart and the others, including Portia de Rossi, Courtney Thorne-Smith, Lisa Nicole Carson and Jane Krakowski.”Taking this Ally McBeal moment to recognize the gem that is Lisa Nicole Carson.
We love you forever,” wrote one person on X, formerly Twitter.Another added: “I wish Lisa Nicole Carson was a part of this Ally McBeal reunion.
Where ever she is…I hope she is well.”And a third posted: “An Ally McBeal reunion without Jane Krakowski?!”Other shows to get the reunion treatment at Monday’s Emmys included Martin and All in the Family.
Even if some actors were missing from the reunion, the nostalgic moments seemed to go over well with the TV audience.”What a f****** moment.
This ‘Martin’ reunion is HUGE.
And -so- major for the culture.
I cry,” commented one person on X.A second wrote: “Ally McBeal reunion????
My millennial a** is happy.”And someone else added: “This Emmy Awards understanding that award shows should be fun is so refreshing.
Not just having an Ally McBeal reunion but having them dance?

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