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all we know on the newton fire as people urged to stay away

All we know on the Newton fire as people urged to stay away

A fire that broke out earlier this evening in the Newton area of Birmingham led to people being asked to stay away whilst West Midlands Fire Service (WMFS) tackled the blaze. Here’s all we know so far. The large fire broke out in Princip Street, Newton, with the fire service first referencing the incident at 9.44pm. It is not yet known exactly when the fire started but it is believed to be after 9pm. READ MORE: Horror attack on man and woman as dangerous dog named Boss ‘lets himself out’ of kitchen In a statement they wrote: “We are in attendance at a fire on Princip Street, Newtown, Birmingham. Please avoid the area. Local residents are advised to keep doors and windows closed if affected.” Photos shared on social media show large flames rising from the top of a building in the area. Large plumes of smoke could be seen in the sky. One local resident, who did not want to be named said that there was a “strong smell of smoke”. Adding: “I hope everyone in the area is safe.” BrumNewsPhotos wrote on X: “Drove past this road going towards Lancaster Circus at around 6.50pm, thought I saw smoke but assumed it was the Jamaican food place! Obviously not (or a very aggressive BBQ!)” Susan Smith added: “Everyone stay safe.” It has not yet been confirmed what building has been affected by the fire or what caused it, but the image submitted shows what looks to be an old warehouse opposite what used be The Quarters on the street. The old warehouse was once a cash and carry wholesaler belonging to Chiltern (London). Firefighters are expected to remain at the scene in Newtown into the night. This is a breaking news story, for more updates follow our live blog here.

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