Home » latest » Alia Bhatt experienced ‘working child’s guilt’ while filming Heart of Stone in London; we ask experts what it means
alia bhatt experienced working childs guilt while filming heart of stone in london we ask experts what it means

Alia Bhatt experienced ‘working child’s guilt’ while filming Heart of Stone in London; we ask experts what it means

Alia Bhatt has opened up about experiencing mom’s guilt, but it has now been learnt that she even had ‘working child’s guilt’ when she was pregnant with Raha and filming Heart of Stone in London. “I remember when I was pregnant and shooting in London for Heart of Stone, I couldn’t sleep for three days because I felt so guilty about how maybe I wasn’t a good enough daughter,” Alia said in an interview with The Nod Magazine. In a shared interview with her mother Soni Razdan Bhatt, it was also revealed that the Highway actor works hard on her mental health, but “there are days she feels anxious about not picking up my calls or giving us any attention”, Soni said. “I don’t know if it was the hormones, but I remember this overwhelming feeling of love, care, responsibility, worry—all hitting me at once,” Alia added. Let’s understand more about ‘working child’s guilt’. Working child’s guilt refers to the emotional strain experienced by children who are unable to spend quality time with their parents due to busy schedules and work commitments. “While much attention is given to working mothers’ guilt, the guilt felt by children is often overlooked, yet it can have profound effects on their mental health,” said Dr Sanju Sidaraddi, consultant, pediatrician and neonatologist, Motherhood Hospitals, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai. Children experiencing working children’s guilt may feel a sense of responsibility for not being available for their parents when needed, leading to feelings of inadequacy, anxiety, and even depression. “They may question their worth and constantly strive to please others, neglecting their own needs and feelings in the process. This can erode their self-esteem and confidence, leaving them feeling exhausted, isolated, and depressed,” said Dr Sidaraddi. To address working child’s guilt, families need to open communication. Dr Sidaraddi mentioned that children need to feel safe expressing their emotions without fear of judgment. “Parents can reassure their children that their love is not contingent on the time spent together, emphasising the importance of quality over quantity,” said Dr Sidaraddi. According to Dr Sidaraddi, it’s also essential for parents to set realistic expectations and understand that work commitments are a normal part of life. “By accepting this reality, families can find a healthy balance between work and family time, reducing feelings of guilt and improving overall mental well-being,” said Dr Sidaraddi.

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