Food prices: How can I save money on my grocery shop?

webnexttech | Food prices: How can I save money on my grocery shop?

We asked you for your tips, here are some you sent in: My wife and I sit with our iPads on both Asda and Tesco and put in the exact same things for our weekly delivery. We then check at the end total costs including delivery and whoever is cheapest ‘wins’ our order. We feel that writing a list of things you need then getting them online saves going to the shop where we would invariably end up throwing things in that we don’t need. Russell, Portstewart, Northern Ireland I highly recommend having a weekly menu, so you know what you are going to cook/prepare for your meals each week. I post this on our fridge and our family of five always knows what to expect. This not only saves money but eliminates the stress of “what’s for dinner”? I know exactly what I need to get, and I stick to my budget because I go to the supermarket with a plan, plus I check the fridge/pantry before I go shopping. Michelle Lutchman, Surrey Tip is not about food but about cleaning products. There is much money to be saved on laundry and cleaning products. These are full of gimmicks to make us buy additional stuff. For instance, you don’t need separate washing powder for coloureds. Fading is largely due to exposure to daylight rather than brighteners in washing powder. Helen Borodzicz, Lytham, St Annes I go to the supermarket at about 2.30 pm when they are reducing sandwiches – that’s my tea sorted! Sue Tingey, Wiltshire

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