Apple may finally announce UK release of its most exciting new device in years

webnexttech | Apple may finally announce UK release of its most exciting new device in years

It seems hard to believe that Apple’s Vision Pro headset was first shown to the world a year ago. This revolutionary Spatial Computing device mixes the real and virtual worlds together allowing users to overlay apps, virtual windows, games and more over their actual surroundings. This makes it possible to walk around and interact with people in the room without having to lift the device from your face. Apple began selling its Vision Pro in the US earlier this year and now we could finally find out when it’s coming to other areas including the UK. The US technology giant is holding its yearly WWDC Developers Conference at its Apple Park HQ in Cupertino and along with revealing major software updates for the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch this could be the perfect moment to confirm a worldwide release of the Vision Pro. Although Apple isn’t confirming anything just yet, trusted tech journalist Mark Gurman has reported that Apple is lining up the UK and Canada as the first two international markets to get Vision Pro. If we do get a launch date, you’ll need to start saving some serious pennies. In the US, the Vision Pro costs over $3,499 so expect a similar cost in UK pounds – ouch! Of course, this isn’t your average VR headset with Apple pushing the boundaries of what gadget goggles can do. Mirror Online was one of the first to try the Vision Pro last year and was left pretty speechless by the experience. Not only is it incredibly intuitive to use but it also makes content and using popular applications feel far more immersive. Apple apps, including Messages, Safari and Apple TV, all pop up as soon as you tap the on switch and clever eye tracking acts like a mouse allowing you to easily highlight what you want to launch. Windows can then be moved around using hand gestures and interactions are performed with your fingers which means there’s no need for annoying controllers or other accessories. The fact that you don’t feel isolated with it on your head is also a huge bonus and not something some other VR headsets can match. Other features include a screen on the front which shows an image of your eyes so people around you feel less excluded and there are speakers in the headband so you don’t need headphones on to use it. At launch, the headset can download and run more than 600 purpose-built apps for Vision Pro, or more than one million existing iOS and iPadOS apps.] Mirror Online will be bringing you all the news live from WWDC and it looks set to be an exciting evening of Apple news. Things kick off from 6pm BST so watch this space.

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