Jason Kelce Talks Brother Travis and Taylor Swift’s ‘Level’ of Fame

webnexttech | Jason Kelce Talks Brother Travis and Taylor Swift's 'Level' of Fame

Jason Kelce opened up about how he and his wife Kylie feel about the new level of fame that they’ve found amid his brother Travis Kelce‘s relationship with Taylor Swift. The former Philadelphia Eagles player explained that even though he and Kylie are famous themselves, it’s nowhere near what they experience hanging out with Travis and Taylor during an interview on the Whiskey Ginger podcast on Friday, June 7. After discussing how his wife feels about being in the public eye, Jason admitted that he sees that it’s very different for his brother and the “I Can Do It With a Broken Heart” singer. “Travis and Taylor have taken it to another level and that’s a whole other side of it,” he said on the podcast, via Entertainment Tonight. “Kylie and I think we have it bad, and then we go hang out with one of them for a second. This is a whole other situation here. I don’t even know how to, like, you can’t be a normal person at that point.” Earlier in the chat, Jason told host Andrew Santino that he thinks that Kylie may be a little “uncomfortable” after they both starred in the Kelce documentary, and he noted things like fans knowing what their children look like. Even though he acknowledged that it’s part of the price of being in the public eye, he said that he and his wife have “tried to retract that a little bit.” This isn’t the first time that Jason has spoken out about the intense level of fandom that Travis has experienced since he started dating Taylor. Back in February, the Super Bowl winner revealed that his brother needed to move to a new home after fans learned his address. “People were just staying by his house. I mean [for] safety reasons. The first day he moved into the new house … a gated community, somebody knocks on the back window of the house,” he said on The Bid Podcast with Shaq.

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